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Early waking 7 months -5am!

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Chickz Fri 20-Jan-17 09:07:34

My 7 month DS has always been an early riser. When younger I used to feed but he would never go back down. Now he's older I have tried to feed him (formula) but he's not interested and refuses the bottle. He just wants to get hp for the day. He only seems to want his bottle after he's been up for a bit.
Is it just one of those things or can someone suggest a change to our routine?
5:15am wake - usually babbling at start but then turns to whinges, cries.
6:00 get out of cot (or earlier of crying!)
6:30 8oz
7:30 porridge
8:30 - 9:45 nap
10:00 8oz
11:30 lunch - veg, fruit plus top up of milk, usually 4oz
12:00-13:30 nap
14:00 8oz
16:00-1630 nap
16:45 tea - veg and fruit
18:30 8oz
19:00 asleep in cot

He usually sleeps through from 19:00 to 5:15 so I know that is really good but any suggested tips would be good.

I've tried doing a dream feed but he's too tired at 23:00 so won't take any milk!

Kariana Fri 20-Jan-17 09:50:58

Since its obviously not hunger one of your problems looks like he's having too much sleep in the day. Some 7 months old need that much but it looks like he clearly doesn't.

I would suggest cutting the first nap to an hour, leaving the second nap as it is and either cutting out the third nap or reducing it to 15 minutes. Try that for a week or so to give it time to take effect and see how the morning waking changes (aim for 6.30 or even 7). If it doesn't improve or only moves slightly cut the morning nap further by 15 minutes at a time for a week, (and get rid of the afternoon sleep if you haven't already), leave the lunchtime nap alone as this is the most refreshing sleep for a baby. Remember to make the morning and lunchtime naps later as his wake time become later, you should aim for about 9.30 for the first nap to start so it doesnt end up being an extension of his night sleep. He might be slightly trumped in the day for a bit until his body gets used to less sleep then and starts adding it to his night sleep but it should be worth it when he starts waking later!

FATEdestiny Fri 20-Jan-17 11:44:18

I wouldn't cut daytime sleep. I would move the timings and drop the teatime nap with a view to lengthening the other two naps.

An early nap encourages an early morning. As does an early bedtime. I would push everything an hour or so later.

I would aim for:
9.30am - 11am nap
2pm - 3.30/4pm nap
7.30/8pm bedtime

Not unusual to see a reintroduction of a night feed in early weaning. I would view any wake before 6am a night wake s d feed/settle as quickly as possible.

I'd also do a "reset" feed and wake when I go to bed, say 11pm. I would feed and possibly also change nappy. It means come the morning baby is a bit more comfortable in his nappy and is a bit less hungry.

Chickz Fri 20-Jan-17 19:12:44

Great thank you both. I'll start by moving the first nap later. Will give it a week!

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