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21m old not sleeping help

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Zahrah5 Thu 19-Jan-17 13:58:05

Hello I have 21m old bf and co-sleep baby, sort of attachment parented. She starts the night in her cot attached to our bed and then at first wake-up, usually after 2hrs or so I take her into our bed. She still wakes up about min 4 times per night, most nights it is more than that. She is settled back to sleep by the breast. It is becoming slightly annoying so we would like to see what are gentle options or ideas how to either night wean her or help her sleep. If she is not given breast when she wakes up in the night she would put huge huge cry which we were not able to settle by any other means besides letting her to become fully awake what subsequently means she would be up for couple of hours playing. I have tried to sleep in another room but she would be demanding, fighting with my husband or simply just climb down the bed and cry outside the door of the other room. One time I was out of the house and at first wake up she was demanding breast until she fully awaken, i have found them watching TV with my husband.
These night when she is then up for hours are actually worse than when she wakes up many times but at least sleeps back after some time.
We are trying to offer her water instead of breast so now she takes breast for some time and after I force pull my nipple out she sits on the bed, drinks water from cup and then lies down and sleeps so she must be aware that it is possible to fall asleep without a nipple.
I work full time since she was 10 months. It would be nice if the nights improved finally. So would appreciate advices or ideas.

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