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Is the dummy the cause or simply the result of our problems?

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RLG87 Wed 18-Jan-17 11:34:39

Our DD is 3 1/2 months. We have always battled with daytime naps but about a month ago we found a dummy that she liked, and this seemed to massively improve things. About 2 weeks ago she started to be harder to get off at night, so we started using the dummy then as well - again made things much easier. However, in the last week or so she has started to wake a lot more frequently at night and during day naps. Sometimes she settles herself without the dummy, but often we have to give it to her.

I guess I'm wandering, have we caused this problem by giving her the dummy so now she relies on it if she half wakes, or have we simply reached the classic 4 month sleeping problems (she was 2 weeks late so probably developmentally nearer 4 months) and are simply having to give her the dummy more often because of changing sleeping patterns which would have happened regardless. Should we try and wean her off the dummy, or just see it as a useful tool to get her through the tricky sleeping phase?

We don't swaddle her any more (we used to but now it just seems to enrage her) but do use white noise and rub her belly/hold her hand to help her off to sleep. We have a bedtime routine and a shorter naptime routine. She hates napping in the daytime so much as soon as I start her naptime routine she starts crying but generally does settle with the dummy.

PonyPals Wed 18-Jan-17 11:54:13

I found that around 6 months the waking became more frequent for us. DS used to wake up and wanted us to give him the dummy - sometimes 15 times a night!
My solution was to find a soft toy and sew two dummies on it. Then I taught him how to find the toy him self and the dummy. It worked brilliantly.
The toy I got was one of those safe breathable ones (maybe called lovey or something)
Good luck

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