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Pick up put down method

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celeryeater Wed 18-Jan-17 02:50:35

I've been doing the pupd method with my 8 month old and so far it's worked really well in that I can put her down without worrying about waking her up and she'll roll over and go straight to sleep. My question is what are you supposed to do when you put them down but they are wide awake and start playing with things? She's not distressed so do I still pick her up and bounce her around? Would really like to get some more sleep tonight sad

RTKangaMummy Wed 18-Jan-17 03:24:59

If she is happy leave her be IMHO and IME smile

But my baby is 21 years old so I am not used to pupd method we would put him in cot awake and he would go to sleep

But didn't want your question to be ignored

I would go to bed yourself if I was you but she is your baby so your decision

katiegg Wed 18-Jan-17 03:40:36

I'd leave her if she's not distressed. Ds1 is two and we put him down awake from he was quite small and would comfort him if he got upset etc. Often we'd put him into his cot and he'd lie chatting to himself or playing with his teddy before getting himself to sleep. Sometimes it went on for an hour! I think since the idea is getting them to settle themselves to sleep, if she's not distressed leave her to it smile

celeryeater Wed 18-Jan-17 03:45:01

Thanks for the replies. I did leave but as soon as she realised I was gone she was crying again so I ended up rocking her until she was drowsy but awake and then putting her down again. Don't know if that's the right way to do it but I need sleep!

chloechloe Wed 18-Jan-17 18:57:32

Is it the Baby Whisperer method you're referring to? If so what you're describing doesn't seem to be what she suggests. You say you can put her down without waking her, however the idea of the BW is that you put them down awake and they fall asleep in their cot. You only pick them up to comfort them if distressed, when they are calm you put them back down again. So if the baby is content and playing there is no need to pick them up. Also rocking the baby to sleep is not what the BW advocates - instead she suggests shush/pat or PUPD on the basis that this teaches them to fall asleep on their own.

If you want more detail there is lots on the BW site, including some transcripts of interviews with the BW where she goes through the method in detail.

celeryeater Wed 18-Jan-17 19:57:58

Oh brilliant thank you Chloe, I didn't know there was a website. Will have a look.

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