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8mo sleeps fine til midnight but v wakeful after!

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TiffanyAtBreakfast Wed 18-Jan-17 00:20:54

Looking for some advice on our pesky 8 month old who is driving us slightly round the bend...

The problem is that he sleeps fine (and settles himself back to sleep) from 7-12ish but then wakes every hour or so post-midnight. confused

He wolfs down a 9oz bottle when he wakes inconsolably crying at his 'witching hour' (12/1). He will still wake 1-2 hours after that feed so I don't think hunger is the reason for the wakings. Yesterday I decided to start watering down his night bottle by an ounce each night to see if it helps.

We are so exhausted from the hours of sshhing, patting and persevering that the baby sometimes ends up in our bed, where he falls instantly asleep and doesn't wake til morning!! Gah. Other nights when I or DH have the energy, we try really hard and spend the entire night settling and resettling him in his room, but it means we all feel like zombies the next day as we've had no sleep.

We are all shattered and don't know how to fix this. sad

edwardcullensotherwoman Wed 18-Jan-17 01:01:23

Could he be waking up cold? DS2 is 7mo (and still in our room blush) and has slept 8-8 since Xmas Eve, but some nights he will wake and ill need to put a blanket over him (he's always in a sleeping bag anyway).

If he falls asleep in your bed but not by you holding him it seems, imo, like he's looking for more than just comfort and closeness with you.

Having said that, DS2 was up 5 times on Sunday night! Hope you figure it out or it passes soon! winecake and sympathy in the mean time!

helensburgh Wed 18-Jan-17 01:35:10

Yip 8 month old here same situation.
It's a blinking nightmare.
I've tried all.sorts but she's awake now after last being awake just after midnight and if tonight goes like the last few weeks will be around 3 ish again

Sorry no help other than to sympathise

FATEdestiny Wed 18-Jan-17 11:17:29

Have you tried settling with a dummy?

TiffanyAtBreakfast Thu 19-Jan-17 21:29:44

Thanks for the replies. Tonight he has woken every half an hour since we went to bed at 6.45. I'm so tired of it. DH is in there with him now being screamed at for a bit instead. DS has literally used every last inch of my patience.

Yeah he already has a dummy sadly sad

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