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Why won't she sleep?!

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TiredDaddyOf2 Mon 16-Jan-17 12:54:40

Hi all. A very sleepy daddy of 2 beautiful angels here.

Our 17mo little girl hates sleep... She fights it at every turn and frankly we are exhausted. Can anyone offer advice as to what to do next?

-My wife still breastfeeding feeds on a morning and to sleep (somethimes)
-she wakes every night between 11 and 12pm screaming until my wife takes her
-we made the mistake of letting her sleep in our bed during a spell if illness and now she's there every night
-we have tried leaving her for a while and "control crying" but she shares a room with her older brother and its disturbing his sleep.

What is the next step?
Thanks for reading

Tired Daddy sad

FATEdestiny Mon 16-Jan-17 13:24:38

Duplicate thread

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