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Ending co sleeping tips

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Carta60 Mon 16-Jan-17 08:40:29

We have co slept weeks 15 -26 for usually the mid part of the night to morning as I've been breastfeeding and I didn't want to do too much in the way of self settling training under 6 months. Dd is 6 months next week. I am thinking about how and when to move to own cot / room etc and try and end the co sleeping days.

Any other moms have experience? I am still breastfeeding and am not a mom that minds responding to needs even for comfort etc.

Always try to start the night in the next to me crib attached to my bed. Wakes generally every two hours. Sometimes returns to crib others comes in with me but still wakes every two hours regardless.

Wondered if dd will ever do an early stretch even 3/4 hours would be great. She has a dummy but this doesn't resettle her when reinserted if she wakes. Generally fed back to sleep.

FATEdestiny Mon 16-Jan-17 12:53:24

Early weaning is often an unsettled time in terms of baby's sleep. Early weaning foods tend to be low calorie (fruit, veg) and so as such they full baby's tummy without providing the sort of calories milk does.

Therefore my suggestion would be to change nothing until weaning is established. That might be 9 months, it might be 12 months. Because until baby is on 3 big portions per day, plus puddings, plus snacks and daytime milk - then baby's night feeds may well continue or even increase.

To reduce the need to night feed, breastfeed as frequently as possible through the daytime, even while weaning.

That's not going to change breast feeding for comfort though. All you can do for comfort is to establish independant comforters as much as possible dummy and snuggle blame for example. Snuggle the blsnkue to her at every feed and offer the dummy for comfort at night whenever possible.

Does she still fit in the cosleeper crib? A normal full sized cot bed is perfectly stable 3-sided. You can just remove one side off the cot, match the mattress height to yours and wedge it up to your bed, and you then have s full sized cosleeper. It makes snuggling into the cot to settle in-situ much easier.

Clarissa5464 Tue 17-Jan-17 21:07:53

Hi. Im very much the same except my baby is one. And is unable to settle herself. She has been breastfed. Danced to music or walked in the pram almost every time she's fallen asleep. Also she doesn't have a dummy so often sucks me for hours for comfort. I've been getting plenty of sleep as once she settles for the night about nine she will sleep until we get up at six or seven or even eight at weekends that's co sleeping in my bed. The prob is my bed is quite small so hubby been on the couch but he's getting fed up and things need to change. Also I'm tied to my bed from when she goes to bed as im her human dummy and also have to be there to make sure she doesn't wake up and fall off the bed. I've rearranged my bedroom furniture today so the cot is nearer to my side of the bed rather than the foot of the bed. She's had tea a bath a little milk from a bottle a banana just recently and another breastfeed. It's 9 she's shattered and I can hear her moaning and groaning wriggling while my husband tries to get her to relax and put her head on his shoulder then she will fall asleep pretty soon and can be placed next to me where she usually sleeps. The plan is when she's deep asleep later to try to transfer her to the cot. I'm not optimistic. But I do realise things need to change. I also realise this isn't normal. I think this is the price I've had to pay for doing so well with breastfeeding perhaps. And also I won't have to wean a 2/3 year old off a dummy at least. Looking forward to when I can read her a story and explain its time to go to sleep give her a kiss and leave the room with her sleepy. I'm lucky at the moment if I get to wash the dishes in the evening. Any tips for transitioning co sleeping to sleeping in cot in same room appreciated xx

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