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Baby sleeping in carry cot

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Danii09 Sat 14-Jan-17 20:34:53

We are expecting our first baby in March, we plan to have him sleeping in the carry cot that comes with the pram from birth. The brand of pram says that it is suitable for sleeping. Will i need to put down a waterproof mattress cover under the sheets to protect it? and should I use blankets for baby to keep warm or clothes? TYIA

Jengadreads Thu 19-Jan-17 07:37:45

Hi. You won't need to use a waterproof mattress. It's sick that's the main issue with a newborn so buy muslin squares, fold them and place them under the babies head and change when required. It also saves washing sheets constantly. As for blankets I had my baby in march, use 2 blankets for baby however just use common sense and not use so many that baby will over heat. As for clothing a vest and baby grow is sufficient at night time.

BLjwTwx3 Thu 19-Jan-17 16:13:59

Quick question, do you have a cot as well? Some babies outgrow their pram carrycots in 3/4 months and they like to sleep in odd positions like with their arms up in the air, my DS likes to stretch out etc, so just be aware you'll probably need a cot, large noses basket or co sleeper on hand just in case! Nothing worse than being unprepared and having to do rushed purchases! X

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