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4 Month Sleep Regression - What Can/Should I Do?

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PrancingMoose Sat 14-Jan-17 16:44:31

My DS is 4.5 months and I believe in the throws of the 4 month sleep regression. He has gone from sleeping 5-6 hours at a time to 3-4 and from 3am only 1-2. He's also only napping 40 minutes a time during the day after perviously napping 1 hour, often more for morning and lunchtime naps (late afternoon has always been short.) I've spent hours trawling the net and various books as to what it's all about and I've found there is so much conflicting information. There seems to be 2 main schools of thought, one is that this is just a development phase and things will improve on their own and the other is that I should be breaking these bad habits and implementing some behavioural/sleep training before it's too late.

Some additional info:

- Bedtime is at 7pm, simple routine and goes down well at night and for naps (I'm lucky, I know!) blush
- DS is BF with 1 FF at lunchtime and one at about 10:30pm.
- I've noticed that although he seems to be hungry every time he wakes up, other than the bottle feed, he doesn't feed much at night
- He is a terrible snacker in the day. Completely distracted by everything even when I feed in the darkened nursery, therefore he doesn't take much in when being BF. He is much better with a bottle and will polish off 7oz every time.

Does anyone have any survivor's tips or insights? Do I need to take action, or just ride it out? It's been going on for just over a week now.

Many Thanks! smile

NuffSaidSam Sat 14-Jan-17 17:21:06

Unless you are really desperate with sleep deprivation I would ride it out for now.

If it doesn't improve in a few weeks or gets worse I would revisit and make a decision then.

What happens when he wakes? Does he feed and go back down easily or is he awake for hours? Is he crying/upset or just up and alert?

PrancingMoose Tue 17-Jan-17 11:41:20

Sorry for the delay in know how it is with keeping on top of anything with a baby! confused

He goes down fine when he wakes. I check to see whether he is hungry and then feed if needed. Often he will only feed for a couple of minutes on each boob and then lose interest. Then, assuming his nappy doesn't need changing and he has been winded, then he goes back down fine.

In the past couple of days it is changing again. He dropped the 11pm feed 2 nights ago, but then woke for it last night. He also managed to nap for over an hour twice so far today, so I think we are all change again!

I think I have answered my own question, just ride it out and see where we land. Thanks for the reply, definitely helped. smile

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