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Very late waker (9-10am) starting nursery

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Secretlythesame Wed 11-Jan-17 10:52:53

DS is 11 months and sleeps approx 7.30 - 9 or 10am most days. He has one nap of an hour or two during the day but it usually takes a bit of persuasion.

I am returning to work part time and DS is going into nursery and being looked after by my mum, both arrangements require early starts (7am) so I'll have to wake him to get him dressed and in the car.

Has anyone experienced this? Will he nap during the day to make up for it? He isn't a great napper and I'm just worried that he is an exhausted underslept grumpy mess.

I know it's not the worst sleep problem ever, I just wondered if anyone had experienced something similar and how it turned out.

TeaBelle Wed 11-Jan-17 10:58:53

Did was still having 2 naps at that stage - he might readjust to that if he is getting less overnight sleep

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