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Colabottle10 Wed 11-Jan-17 06:56:17

Nothing unusual about my post I don't think but could do with some fresh eyes.

DS is 23 weeks. Slept like a log until around 18 weeks and now it's all gone wrong.

Daytime naps are great, not very long at between 30-45 mins. He will sleep in his bouncy chair happily, he puts himself to sleep most times, in fact he won't go to sleep on me really. He's EBF and can fall asleep on the boob. Used to thumb suck, seems to have forgotten how now.

Night times are the problem. Hes normally asleep by 8-8.30. He's in a Snuzpod next to the bed. From birth was in a sleepyhead too but he's outgrown it and we took it away a week ago. Makes no difference. He's waking every 90-120 mins from 12 onwards. Sometimes he's hungry and will go on the boob. Other times shush patting sends him back off but every time it seems to be trapped wind. Once he trumps he's back to sleep. There's lots of leg waving going on when he wakes.

Infacol does seem to work for him so have been trying that but no real change. I do all the night waking and am just so tired. Any advice?

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