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Don't know what to do?!

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Tillydog2003 Tue 10-Jan-17 18:59:31

My DS is 1 next week, he is a shitty sleeper, always has been and has never slept through.
We have co slept since we exhausted every type of other sleeping arrangement, we have been in a 1 bed house so no where else to put him. We are also still breastfeeding.
I still feed or rock him to sleep, he doesn't self settle and he wakes all through the night and I nurse him back to sleep as this is the quickest most painless way, plus super easy as he is in bed with me.
So, we are moving in the next few weeks DS will have his own room, DP is truly excited about this, I am dreading it! DP wants him out of our room and bed but I don't feel ready to night wean.
I don't know what to do for the best, so much is happening, I returned to work a few weeks ago and DS started nursery, plus he is unwell with teething and now a big move, I imagine he is going to be out of sorts and I don't want to push him sleeping alone and night weaning.

I am thinking of camping out in DS room for the first few weeks and getting him used to his room with the comfort of me there and then doing gradual retreat. I'm thinking once he's settled and starts to self settle he may not wake up looking for boob all night?
I'd really like him night wean himself but realise this may never happen but will only take a gentle approach to tackle this.
I feel under pressure from DP and family to get him in his own room and make him sleep through the night. I will not do CIO.

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!

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