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18 month old and day time nap

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Mooloolaba Tue 10-Jan-17 13:35:51

Hi, just wondering if anyone has some pearls of wisdom to impart. My daughter is just 18 months old and has been able to self settle for naps not too badly for the last few months. I put her down between 12.45 and 1pm and come out of the room. She immediately stands up and starts crying, after two minutes I go back in and don't say anything and she has been immediately lying back down and settling when I put my hand on her back and shhhshhh. After about five minutes she falls asleep and I can leave the room. The last three days it has taken 25 minutes to get her to go down. I go in after 2 minutes and she starts licking me, blowing raspberries, mimicking my shushing noises (she is quite funny and I don't laugh the little Monkey!), throwing her dummies (which she no longer sucks, just uses as a comforter to hold). When she starts lobbing the dummies I come out of the room for three minutes and then go back in and resettle but it's just taking longer and longer. To be honest I will happily stay in there for 25 mins if she does go to sleep each time but I'm not sure I'm handling it correctly! Does anyone have any thoughts please? I have never just closed the door and left her to cry herself to sleep and never will, it's too upsetting for us both!

FATEdestiny Tue 10-Jan-17 21:50:44

How about tethering the dummy so she can't throw it?

I sew a ribbon into the sleeping bag with a press stud at the end and attach dummy to that.

Mooloolaba Tue 10-Jan-17 22:09:04

That's not a bad idea! I can try and out smart her. She was even saying 'ta' when I passed it back to her hmm. Thank you Fate.

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