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11 month old no bedtime routine! Help please 😊

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Sachadaley94 Mon 09-Jan-17 22:36:00

Hi, my DD is a good sleeper when in her cot of a night but i have never really had a bedtime routine for her, i live with my mum at the moment and she usually stays with me downstairs until i go to bed myself, she will sleep on me fine but i want to start getting her used to being put down of a night and her staying in her bed so that i get some down time to myself and she gets used to being in her cot to fall asleep at the same time every night. I want to know some of your routines as i feel putting her to bed for half 7 like most is to early and she will wake before 10 for a bottle. She usually eats tea at 5pm has a bath then bottle at 7pm an has a hours sleep cuddling me and then is awake for about a hour before having another bottle and coming up to bed at 10ish when i do. Im just looking on some tips to get her settled a bit earlier of a night but so that she wont wake for the bottle at 10ish if i put her up earlier. Thanks in advance!smile

FATEdestiny Tue 10-Jan-17 09:42:30

I would suggest she goes to bed (upstairs in cot) after her bath and 7pm feed. Then when/If she wakes feed in the dark bedroom and resettle her in the cot. The plan would be to stop this early evening feed altogether, she shouldn't need it and I wonder if the main reason she's waking is because she isn't in her quiet, dark bedroom.

In terms of what hapiens at bedtime, settling baby to go to sleep in the cot rather than in your arms is crucial.

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