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My 14mo hates sleep

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VictorP Sat 07-Jan-17 23:24:58

My 14mo hates sleep and it's driving me crazy. The only way I've ever been able to get her to fall asleep is nursing, but that has stopped working completely the last couple of weeks. I'm a total loss as to how to get her to sleep. It's now 11.20pm and have been trying for 3 hours to get her to fall asleep. She has never been able to fall asleep herself from being drowsy; DP has had some success in the past pacing up and down the lounge with her but after 3 hours of walking tonight (and every night this week) she is still wide awake. She's full, clean, warm, not thirsty and has been awake since 2pm today. Literally no sign of sleep. Happy as Larry playing. I, however, am exhausted. How can I get her to fall asleep?

FATEdestiny Sun 08-Jan-17 16:01:30

Since you stopped feeding her as a comfort to get to sleep, what have you replaced it with as a comforter?

Some things that babies use as comforters:
- something to suck (dummy, thumb, muslin)
- something to snuggle (soft toy or blankie)
- rhythmic movement (patting, tickling, stroking, rocking)
- reassurance (cuddles, cosleeping, eye contact, physical contact)

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 08-Jan-17 16:06:02

I've noticed that I've had to massively increase my 14month olds daily exercise in the last few weeks. Mine seems to have suddenly stopped getting tired enough to sleep without some late afternoon exercise, so we've been doing more walks without the buggy etc.

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