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Ok, that NCSS thing abou learning new skills - is that for real... or does she just need to drop a nap?!

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funnypeculiar Wed 21-Feb-07 20:24:27

DD (11 mths), normally asleep around 7pm has JUST gone to sleep. Tell a lie, I hear her still going on the monitoe. Sun night took til 8 pm to settle. She has suddenly 'got' crawling and pulling up this week. I just sat up with her & (once she knew she wasn't bored and alone), she chatted, crawled up & down her cot, kicked the bars, pulled herself up on cot, did her mini-beaver impression, sang the full works of Vagner, etc. I remembers NCSS talking about sleep distrubances when they learn this sort of thing - with ds, couldn't tell as his sleep was so shocking either way ... has anyone had this, or does she just need to drop a nap (still on two good naps a day...)

Won't be checking this for a while as she's just realised she's on her own and apparently needs some company to complete the Ring cycle...

funnypeculiar Wed 21-Feb-07 20:56:52

bumpity bump bump buuummmmpp

funnypeculiar Wed 21-Feb-07 21:54:05

b... b...bump

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