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Help! Can't sleep without eating a LOT

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Choccers Wed 21-Feb-07 19:07:29

Anyone else have this problem? Since my first pregnancy 4 yrs ago I was not able to sleep without first eating a large bowl of cereal, no matter how much I had for supper. If I woke in the night I sometimes had to eat again to sleep. Now I'm breastfeeding my second child I'm eating three or four times a night, otherwise I'm too hungry to sleep! Blood sugar was OK at last test and GP baffled. I'm not too overweight but it means (even more) disturbed nights.

gingerninja Wed 21-Feb-07 21:25:27

When I first had DD I was eating ALL the time and ate tons of biscuits in the night otherwise I was also too hungry to sleep. It's settled down now but I'm considerably hungrier than before I started BF. Did your hunger with first child ease off at all before BF the second. I'm smaller now than I was before getting pregnant and I eat everything and anything and live on chocolate and naughty stuff so BF must really drain your resources.

Have you posted this on the breastfeeding board too? You might get more response.

Choccers Thu 22-Feb-07 01:30:33

Thanks - I'll try the breastfeeding board. The thing is it didn't really settle down after I finished breastfeeding the first time! Like you I was always hungry, like my body had got stuck in that pattern.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 22-Feb-07 07:40:19

Hmmm, I would probably try reducing the size of the bowl of cereal I had whenever? It sounds like you associate falling asleep with having a full stomach, iyswim. So you can't go to sleep unless you have a full stomach. But if you cut down the cereal thing slowly (so you aren't too hungry, and can compensate by eating more at other times of day if you need the calories), and then stop it, it will mean you sleep better.

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