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6m old woke 17 times last night!

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Shadow1986 Thu 05-Jan-17 22:00:57

Hopefully someone will be able to give me some advice.

During the day I have the happiest most content baby, but during the night is a different story!! Last night he woke 17 times.

This is an ongoing problem!!

When he wakes, he cries out and writhes around - I'm pretty convinced now it's wind as a few times while doing this he has passed wind. I have always found him such a hard baby to wind.

The best nights sleep he has ever had was when we travelled back in the car from somewhere after his bedtime bottle and I transferred him into bed - so he had been more sat up for hours before being laid down - coincidence?

I try to get him to sit up for a while before bed after his bedtime bottle but sometimes he's exhausted he falls asleep. I often get him back up during the evening to wind if I see he's restless but get nothing out of him.

I've started weaning, potentially this is making things even worse!

My question is has anyone else experienced wind being such a big problem at this age?

I'm considering changing his formula to comfort, and then if nothing changes, possibly speaking to health visitor/pharmacist or doctor...

I don't think it's a problem with self settling as I watch him when he wakes and he doesn't even fully wake up to wonder where I am. Also sometimes I just change his position and he's straight back asleep without dummy or anything, which makes me think again it's a pain and me moving him eases it temporarily.

Apologies for terribley written post, I'm tired!

Namejustfornappies Thu 05-Jan-17 22:02:50

Could be food intolerances?

FATEdestiny Thu 05-Jan-17 22:07:27

Crying causes wind.

It might not be the wind making him upset, but the fact he is upset giving him wind.

Oh - and stop counting his wake ups! It's no good for your mental health to count them. In fact see if you can do as much of the settling as possible without even opening your eyes - just leaning into the cot from your bed.

Shadow1986 Thu 05-Jan-17 22:18:42

It started before the weaning Namejustfornappies. Could be an intolerance to his formula I suppose but he's so happy during the day.

FATEDestiny - But why the reason for crying? I watch him in the evenings and he will be peacefully asleep and all of a sudden screw up his body and cry out. And then I usually leave him a second, sometimes he settles back for a few minutes,or he wakes again and I move him.
I'm never awake for long, I usually can settle by changing his position. I only counted his wake ups for the first time last night because it's becoming a real problem and needed an idea of how often So I could seek advice.

Shadow1986 Thu 05-Jan-17 22:20:43

Oh and thank you both for suggestions.

kiki22 Thu 05-Jan-17 22:26:06

Silent reflux maybe? My 4 month old has it mildly hes generally fine during the day and after his bedtime feed (because he takes meds before that one) but come 12 he starts moving and moaning a lot rarely awake not in pain so no crying but because the milk his coming up his throat it bothers him (nothing comes out). Without the meds he wakes up like he got a fright with a cry/yelp thing then goes back to sleep.

My first was a terrible sleeper but woke wide awake that's what made me think it was something causing him to be uncomfortable not just a crappy sleeper.

BadToTheBone Thu 05-Jan-17 23:29:03

My ds had a bit of trouble with laying down flat and preferred to be elevated, I put a pillow under his mattress as one end and he started to sleep much better. This may help with any reflux and wind.

May be worth a try. Most things are trial and error at that age.

Strawberrybonbons16 Fri 06-Jan-17 02:58:10

Going through exactly the same thing with my 6mo DD at the moment. We also think wind is causing her trouble as she cries out and often can't settle back down and when we pick her up she passes a lot of wind. She also suffers with reflux. She's so content in the day but still has terrible wind in the daytimes too. She has a wedge under her cot at the head end and the past couple of nights we have put rolled up blankets under her sheet so it kind of cradles her legs, this seems to help her pass wind a bit better and the past two nights sleep have been the best in months, sadly she's back to normal tonight though 😔 We've also recently started weaning not sure if that's contributing to the problem or not as this has been going on for months! Prior to all this she was sleeping through, I wish I'd treasured those nights more!!!

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