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8 month old baby falls asleep alone but wakes after 30 min

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Zsuzsimunci Tue 03-Jan-17 14:11:42

My 8 month old baby has just mastered to fall asleep alone.However it doesn't seem to improve anything.He still wakes up at least 3 times during the night if not more. (I dream feed him at 11am and 3am- if I dont feed him at 3am he is up for an hour) He wakes at 5-6am.I put him down for his first nap at around 8-9am ( depending on when he woke) He plays with his rabbit and falls asleep slowly.He wakes after 30 min crying real loud!It seems as though he is in pain but I gave him Calpol before his nap just to rule out teething pain. Then same thing for the afternoon nap. Today he was crying so hard that I ended up feeding him to calm down as he was histerical. I have been joining his sleep cycles for about two months but Im really fed up now.I dont get to spend any time alone as keep watching him to sleep...I would really appreciate any piece of advice on how I could teach my boy to nap and sleep long by himself.

FATEdestiny Tue 03-Jan-17 14:44:59

What happens at bedtime and what's his daytime sleep like?

If he can go to sleep independantly and without your help, the problem is more about being a light sleeper so he wakes often.

Light sleeping is usually caused by being overtired. Poor sleep breeds worse sleep and good sleep breeds better sleep. So a child who is getting lots of sleep over 24h will be easier to get to sleep, sleep deeply so wake less often and find it easier to get back to sleep once waking. An over tired baby will be harder to get to sleep and be a light sleeper so the tiniest thing will wake baby.

So to deal with light sleeping the most effective thing to do is get baby sleeping more over 24h. If baby is having short naps and you cannot extend these to past an hour, the most effective thing to do is to limit awake time and make naps a lot more frequent during the daytime.

Baby is then getting more sleep in the day so is less over tired and exhausted at night time - leading to deeper and more settled sleep.

Zsuzsimunci Tue 03-Jan-17 15:10:47

Thank you Fatedestiny,

What is better do you thin? Me feeding/rocking him to sleep when he wakes after 30 min to ensure that he has a long nap or lettin him wake up after 30 min and putting him down soon again but always letting him fall asleep by himself?

Day schedule is roughly; 5-6am wakes breastfeed, breakfast, 8-9 am 1st nap, tried to extend it to an hour or hour and half,(resenly let him get up as fed up sitting next to him in the dark for hours) 2nd nap is 2 hours after his first nap. (If he had a short nap-3 hours if he had a long nap)if he wakes before 3pm from that I put him down for a third nap around 4-4.30pm. Bedtime is at 6.30-7pm. He normally eats well dyring the day and always breastfeed gim before solids.

Zsuzsimunci Tue 03-Jan-17 15:18:09

And bedtime is; 5dinner,6pm bath 6.30pm massage and story and bed.It takes 7-10 min for him to fall asleep but he does it by himself

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