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Nap trouble at 14 weeks - tips welcome!

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MiniMaxi Tue 03-Jan-17 13:42:41

Hi all, would appreciate any advice from the nap gurus out there!

Our LO is 13 weeks old (adjusted for prematurity - he's actually 19 weeks). At night he has been sleeping pretty well, thanks in part to the wonders of the cocoonababy (which he's about to grow out of, just in time for the sleep regression..!) - nighttime sleep is roughly 10pm-7am, sometimes waking once around 4 but not always.

We have a real struggle in the day though. After 60-90 mins awake time he can be still happy playing / sitting in his chair but starts showing sleepy signs so we decide to try to get him to have a nap. Almost every time, half an hour of crying ensues before he eventually falls asleep - even if we rock him, sing, give a dummy, etc. White noise is a little more effective but we don't always use it (should we?).

Any tips to help him get to sleep more easily and with less distress would be very welcome!

For info:
- he's formula fed, around 700ml a day divided into 5-6 feeds - this seems a bit low for his body weight but he doesn't ever seem to want more

- he usually has a couple of 40ish minute naps (morning and late afternoon) plus one longer nap of around 2 hours (early afternoon) - then he struggles to sleep at all between his 6pm and 9pm feeds - he isn't unhappy though, he just sits with us while we eat dinner. Wondering if he is overtired, but either he isn't showing sleepy signs before we try to get him down or I am missing them

- we tend to hold him for daytime naps, at least until he falls asleep - I know many won't think this is a good idea but as he was premature we were advised to cuddle him as much as poss for the first couple of months and it became a habit for me as much as for him! I've started trying to get him to relax in his cot but he just thinks it's playtime! I know advice is to put him down drowsy but awake - but to get as far as drowsy involves all the crying anyway...

- he falls asleep easily in his sling when we go for a walk, and sometimes falls asleep easily if I'm dancing with him smile (it's as if when he realises I'm actively trying to get him to sleeps, he resists)

Sorry this is so long, any advice is welcome!

MiniMaxi Tue 03-Jan-17 13:43:21

Oops realise thread title should have said 13 weeks, anyway swings and roundabouts

FATEdestiny Tue 03-Jan-17 14:09:21

Physical sleep signs usually mean baby was tired about half an hour before they started. The more you pay attention to noticing these signs and the timings of them, the more you will be able to anticipate a nap being needed.

So rather than (for example) seeing tired signs at 9.30am, starting the process of getting to sleep and eventully getting baby to sleep at 10am. Instead you could think baby will need a sleep at 9am so I'll start getting her to sleep at 8.45am.

Anticipating naps and having baby asleep before they've even realised they are tired is the wholy grail of daytime napping.

MiniMaxi Wed 04-Jan-17 10:15:26

Thank you @FATEdestiny - will give that a go. Certainly aligns with experience to date...

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