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11 month old frequent night wakings

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KittyConCarne Mon 02-Jan-17 23:56:30

DD2 has pretty much slept overnight in 4 hourly chunks (7-11, 11.30-3.30, 4-8), since about 3mths old- but since being poorly with a cough/ cold/ temperature for a week in mid December, has suddenly started waking every 60-90 mins throughout the night. She wakes up hysterically screaming (no tears though), so not a gradual grumble for 10mins progressing to real crying like she always used to. She doesn't seem fully awake/ aware, and within 5 mins of latching on is back to sleep again.

Her daytime naps haven't really changed- about 2-2.5 hours for morning nap, and around 1 hour for afternoon nap. She does seem to resist afternoon nap more now, but after attempting to drop afternoon nap for a few days it's obvious she still needs it as she's so tired/ cranky without it.

Our day routine is roughly:
8am-10.30am Awake
10.30-1pm Morning Nap
1-3.30pm Awake
3.30-4.30 Afternoon Nap
4.30-7pm Awake
7pm Bedtime

She is bf on demand, has always been bf to sleep (possibly not my smartest move ever blush), sleeps in cot in our room (sometimes co-sleeping from 4am bf onwards), has always gone straight back to sleep after a night feed, never needed black out blinds for daytime naps, dummy and bottle refuser, spoon refuser as well (unless it's something sweet) so solids are mostly baby-led & I do worry she's not filling herself up enough but she's just not that interested/ weight gain not an issue.

I'm just not sure what's causing the frequent night wakings? She doesn't seem to be settling in a deep sleep like she used to- I've made sure heating isn't clicking on/ room is good temp/ no obvious signs of teething/ doesn't seem to be hunger as falls asleep again within mins of latching on (even keeping her awake to feed for 20-30 mins doesn't result in any longer than 60-90 mins before waking again).

I don't know whether she's having nightmares (straightaway hysterical crying?), or she's realised she doesn't like the dark (no issues daytime naps in dim room, but night-time room is pitch black?), or she's become old enough to be aware of me not being there (bf to sleep/ not put to bed awake?), or something else- any ideas would be really appreciated!

BlueSpottyTiger Tue 03-Jan-17 01:47:10

Its pretty weird how much of what you have typed i could have put myself. My 11month old DD is the same, so sorry No advice im afraid just wanted to say im there with you! She has started to wake up every 1-2hours after only waking 1 or 2 times a night previously. She too is bf to sleep and cry's just like your DD.. hysterical frantic cries asoon as she 'wakes up' Dummy and bottle refuser... has hated spoons and is starting to hate them again all of a sudden.. sleeps in a cot in my room, no prob with daytime naps..she practically follows the same sleep pattern as your DD. I'll hold your hand as nothing i do seems to work's so frustrating isn't it... hugs! brew x

KittyConCarne Tue 03-Jan-17 02:53:53

Oh thanks Tiger!
It's so nice to know I'm not the only one suffering lol- hugs to you too though- it is definetely so frustrating!

DD2 has certainly got a determined personality- things have to be her way with solids/ feedings/ bathtime- toys that don't meet her requirements are simply tossed over her shoulder in disgust, and smiles or waves are only reserved for people who have greatly pleased her- otherwise you are treated to a frown or eyebrow raise lol!

DD1 and DSC were all quite easy-going/ malleable to whatever I offered or tempted them with- they were all quite happy to sit back and have food spooned into them, and drinking from at least sippy cups, but I think DD2 has made it quite clear to us who's in charge & calling the shots!

Really hoping this is just a phase, and her night-time routine was just out of sync with her being poorly 3 weeks ago- fingers crossed!
Good luck with your DD- I hope she settles down again soon & you start getting some decent sleep again- holding hands until it gets better, or someone else comes along with a lovely miracle answer! brewcake x

boobsaclock Tue 03-Jan-17 06:57:27

Could be development, like walking?

My dd is the same, spoon refuser, bf only, 0-screaming in 0.02 seconds, very headstrong. I laugh when people say "try putting her in the cot awake" - tried it once last month and she screamed so violently within 20 seconds that I had to take her to hospital the next day as she'd caused a rash on her face from getting so upset (it literally was 20 seconds)

Unfortunately mine is still doing this at 18 months so I have no advice

foxessocks Tue 03-Jan-17 07:03:28

Could well be a developmental leap. I remember my dd doing this at around the same age and then she started pulling herself up and then walking.

My ds is only 4 months but is doing similar. He was sleeping quite well with one or two wake ups. Last few nights have been awful. Up every hour last night. I think he is going to roll over soon. At least I hope that's what it is! brew it's exhausting.

boobsaclock Tue 03-Jan-17 09:58:03

Foxessox that sounds like the four month sleep regression

KittyConCarne Tue 03-Jan-17 11:41:26

Thanks Boobs and Foxes- developmental leap sounds good, as she's definitely been trying to get more mobile/ push herself to standing over Xmas (my poor Xmas tree/ older DCs' previously unobtainable Lego is now in peril on coffee table), but hasn't quite mastered the strength and co-ordination so far for anything other than frustrated bottom-thudding back down again.
I will dig out the stairgates in excited scared anticipation grin

BlueSpottyTiger Thu 12-Jan-17 10:44:35

Hey Kitty, How are you getting on? X

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