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Daughter waking so early she is 19 months

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Annette69 Sat 31-Dec-16 18:47:32

Hello I'm posting on here again as feeling so exhausted and tired and there was a lady I think FateDestiny that gave me some tips which I wanted to refer to again but can't find thread. Daughter who is 19 months waking up between 4-5am and I struggling with any sort of routine or what to do has been going on for 16 weeks now and is driving us all mad. Anyone else experiencing the same thing ?

FATEdestiny Sat 31-Dec-16 21:31:26

Hi again. Here's your last thread:

How has extending her lunchtime nap gone?

Given you are exhausted, have you tried cuddling up together and both going to sleep on your bed at lunchtime?

Annette69 Mon 02-Jan-17 07:33:55

Hello, thanks for this and for putting thread back on. The extension of naps has been very difficult as she just wouldn't settle for any length of time so I was just doing the morning nap for 20 mins then a later sleep of 2-3pm as it was impossible to even get her through till 11am if waking at 4:30am. The other day she had a morning sleep of 10-11am then went down at 3-6pm! she was so exhausted I just let her sleep she then went back down at 8pm and slept till 6:15pm but obviously those sleep times are not sustainable. Anyway the last 2 days I have managed a 1.5 hour sleep at lunchtime in the buggy and bed at 7pm and she has slept till 6am so I am hoping I can keep this up. The hardest thing for me was the feeling of failure and just not knowing what to do as I couldn't seem to break cycle - hopefully we can continue with the last couple of days routine. Xx

QuandryQueen Mon 02-Jan-17 07:49:05

Have you tried taking her in a cup/bottle of milk and leaving it with her and seeing if she will just have a drink and go back over?

Annette69 Mon 02-Jan-17 08:40:00

Hello, yes I tried drinks but she wasn't that bothered by drinking it and it didn't make any difference.

FATEdestiny Mon 02-Jan-17 09:52:56

If it was me I would have a massive focus on consustancy and reassurance.

I'd stop the morning nap, power through and have an early lunch at 11am. Be mega consistant with the timings for a month or so. Then at 11.30am (again I would be anally consistant about exactly the same time, every single day for at least a month) I'd go upstairs with her and lie down together.

Either both on your bed. Or get in the cot next to your bed and you on your bed. Or get on the cot and you on a floor bed in her room. The cot moving back into your room will not be a big deal to change back once she's sleeping better.

Then you give reassurance (stroking, patting, shushing, tickling) while also modelling sleep and reducing her stress because you're there when she goes to sleep and there if she stirrs slightly awake. When you notice her waking, reassure her with the patting and shushing, getting to her as quickly as possible, to try to lull her back to sleep.

Does she have a comforter?

FATEdestiny Mon 02-Jan-17 09:55:05

"Either both on your bed. Or get her in the cot next to your bed and you on your bed. Or get on her in the cot and you on a floor bed in her room"

Annette69 Mon 02-Jan-17 12:11:50

Hello, thank you, no, have tried a rabbit with soft blanket but she throws it but am now taking it places with us.

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