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How to get 19mo asleep without boob?

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BalaRua Fri 30-Dec-16 21:51:14

I've always bf 19mo DS to sleep but this week he's bitten my boob and keeps biting it, so I've decided to stop bf now. Only trouble is now how on earth do I settle him for sleep? Tonight he had a small bf then bit my sore nipple and it bled again and I cried in pain so decided not to bf anymore. I've put on the 'magic song' that's meant to get anyone anywhere to go asleep (Marconi Union- Weightless) and cuddled him and he's currently asleep in my arms waiting to be put in the cot once I've finished writing this. How on earth do I settle him enough to lay in my arms and go asleep without bf? It seems pointless to introduce a bottle now.

FATEdestiny Fri 30-Dec-16 22:50:42

Have a read of the no cry sleep solution. That will probably be your best bet. It's very slow and gentle, so no quick fix.

For you it would start off like you are, music, rocking, cuddling in arms and put down asleep.

Then rock less until you just cuddle to sleep and put in cot asleep.

Then gradually and slowly put into cot earlier. If it was cuddling to sleep and waiting 40m until transfer, do a week of 38m and then a week of 35m and so on. The aim is that she slowly and gradually gets used to being put in the cot then slowly and gradually gets used to you soothing her in the cot. Then slowly and gradually reduce how much soothing is needed.

BalaRua Sat 31-Dec-16 08:26:35

That's really good advice- thank you smile

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