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How to stop 3yr waking from 4am onwards

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Thomasthetank456 Wed 28-Dec-16 10:25:57

Hi my nearly 3yr wakes every morning anytime from 4am (usually about 5am) and won't go back to sleep.
Used to wake between 5:30 and 6 was getting closer to 6 the. Started potty training. Dc is in pull ups at night but seems to be dry. Think it is the need for a wee that wakes him. Although he won't ask to go. Dc comes into our bed and asks for iPad/TV/to play will keep asking and won't go back to sleep although obviously still tired.
Have tried taking back to own bed screams crys etc.
Don't give in to him on what he wants would just love some advice on now to stop this.

If dc wakes during night will ask for milk to get back to sleep I know this won't help with needing a wee. Have said in past can't have until he does wee in toilet he crys screams and refuses to go then takes ages to get back to sleep. He also has milk to go to sleep.

Please help I'm worried if I lift hi for a wee when we go to bed he will refuse and just end up waking him up.

FATEdestiny Wed 28-Dec-16 19:27:30

What time is his bedtime and is he having a daytime nap?

I'd seperate milk from sleep completely. A cup of milk downstairs before getting PJs on and that's it. Nothing but water after he had brushed his teeth. He'll hate it and kick off, but ultimately you do know best.

In the morning make him bored, don't supply anything to do and make sure this is not negotiable. Remember he can't tell the time, so no use saying "You can have tv at 7am" or "You can have the iPad after breakfast" because he will have no appreciation that he can't get up at 5am and have breakfast or know how long 2h is until 7am. So it needs to be no tv/iPad at all in the morning. Certainly for a while until you establish him into a new routine.

Ensure his bedtime isn't ridiculously early, or he will be up early. If he's having a daytime nap, it's time to drop it.

Then rapid return. Every time he gets up in the night or early morning get to him very quickly, have a mantra you say the same every time "it's night time. We lie quietly in bed at night time. Nan night". Kiss, leave, close door. Repeat repeat repeat repeat. Every. Single. Time.

Thomasthetank456 Thu 29-Dec-16 20:43:12

He goes to bed just before 7 and normally asleep by 7:30. He does still have a nap most days. If he doesn't ends up in bed a lot earlier. He has always been an early riser even as a baby.

Gave milk a bit before bed tonight he was very tired, nursery day today. He moaned a bit but did go down now hoping it sticks as he is a bit unsettled (bad dreams).
Put him on toilet before bed abd he didn't want to go said he doesn't like night time wees. And this is the problem if I put him on the toliet in the night he gets really upset try's to stand up etc.

Thanks for the reply will let you know how it goes

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