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Fixing sleep in newborn

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Shadowboy Wed 28-Dec-16 09:56:10

We initially had problems with baby not sleeping at night but had managed to fix this fairly well about two weeks ago when baby was a month old. Although she was still going to bed very late 11.30/12am she would only wake for 2 feeds and fall asleep between feeds. Then Christmas came and we had people stay over and since then she hasn't wanted to sleep between night feeds- it's gone back to the old days of feeding then being awake for 2 hours which is pointless for sleep when you know she will wake an hour later.

We are still using all the old methods that worked last time e.g not talking to her/keeping lights low/only changing a poo nappy etc but they are not working. She is 6 weeks now and I'm not expecting her to sleep through, I simply want her to go back to sleep after a feed.

GerardNoWay Wed 28-Dec-16 10:19:14

She may be going through a developmental leap which is affecting sleep, and change in routine of having people around.

All I'd say is keep your routine consistent, you'll most probably come out of the other side. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, sleep in the day when she sleeps to catch up.

FATEdestiny Wed 28-Dec-16 19:08:20

She is 6 weeks

Feed more.

Feed more frequently. Feed sooner. Shorter gaps between feeds and more milk or longer breastfeed per feed.

Most sleep issues this age are due to feeding problems and hunger.

In addition try:
- a swaddle
- a dummy
- limiting awake time (between one nap and the next) to 20-30 minutes. That's 24h a day. Any lengthy awake time will cause over tiredness which will make it harder for baby to sleep.

SilverLinings2014 Wed 28-Dec-16 22:09:44

She's a newborn, not a machine you can fix. Sleep isn't linear so it won't just continually improve. Things sometimes go backwards a little bit, especially during growth spurts, development leaps etc etc

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