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Baby goes 12hrs straight with NO SLEEP

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Beachmum85 Sun 25-Dec-16 18:59:11

I am trying to work out if this is 'normal infant behaviour' or something I/we are doing wrong. DS2 literally feeds for up to 12hrs with max 30min naps (very few) and therefore just doesn't sleep during this time! Mercifully it is usually in the daytime (but he still wakes to feed every 1.5-2hrs at night too).

I am EBF and my nipples are so sore. I have spent the whole of Christmas Day on the sofa BFing sad and gradually feeling more and more drained.

My poor DD1 is coping brilliantly but I feel so guilty for not being able to do more with her. Even if I get 5mins off the boob, I have no energy to play with her and then have to go straight back to feeding.

Any advice greatly welcomed fsad

Beachmum85 Sun 25-Dec-16 19:00:10

PS. He is 4 weeks old

MeeWhoo Sun 25-Dec-16 19:07:18

I would say that's a hell of a long time awake and also a lot of feeding. Cluster feeding for a few hours in the evening is quite usual, but you must be exhausted feeding all day and half the night!

I don't really have any advice and I know your question is about sleep, but maybe you should post on the breastfeeding section as there are very knowledgeable posters there who may be able to help you.


Horsegirl1 Sun 25-Dec-16 19:12:42

My dd4 was exactly like this. She was my most high demand baby. Unfortunately for me she never settled till she was about 6 month old and woykd eventually go about 3 hrs between bf during day. She did wake every 1.5-2 hrs in night till she was 18months tho. I truly know how you feel. Sending hugs . Some babies just need constant feeds. I found a sling to be most invaluable and gave me a little bit respite between feeds and allowed me to play with other kids xxx

queenc81 Sun 25-Dec-16 19:24:59

My dd is exactly the same. Have also spent Xmas breastfeeding all day, even during dinner. Xx

LalaLeona Sun 25-Dec-16 20:21:36

My son was the same! Unfortunately I ended up weaning him onto bottles early as couldn't keep up with demand. He was/is a highly demanding and sensitive baby at 10 months and needs lots of comfort and reassurance. He's lovely though

FATEdestiny Sun 25-Dec-16 22:34:01

30 minute naps are sleep. Your baby isnt not sleeping for 12 hours, he's having 30 minute naps.

30 minute nap lengths are 'normal infant behaviour' at 4 weeks old.

12 hours awake in total over 24h is within 'normal infant behaviour' at 4 weeks old (although encouraging more sleep wouldn't be a bad idea)

Spending 12h at the breast feeding/dozing is within 'normal infant behaviour' at for a 4 week old breastfed baby.

12 hours solidly awake is not 'normal infant behaviour' at 4 weeks old.

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