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Should I re-start night feed with 10 month old? Any other suggestions first?

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SleepyRoo Thu 22-Dec-16 11:44:49

My DD2, now 10m old, has not slept through since 5 months old. She tends to become wakeful from 3am. Sometimes 1am, 2.30, 4, 5... she goes down well at 7.30pm and is well established on 3 solid meals. I am still bf her, at 6am, 2pm at 6.30pm. This week I have tried adding about 4oz of formula as well in the daytime as I am suffering badly from long term sleep deprivation. When she wakes in the night I put dummy back in, pat her, shush her but she won't settle for more than a few mins. The only thing that gets her back to deep sleep is a bf. I have been reluctant to do that because we managed to stop night feeds back in the summer. She does not nurse to sleep at 7.30pm or nap-times - settles herself. Has 30m morning nap then 60-90 mins at 1pm. What am I doing wrong??? All suggestions welcome. DD1 was a great sleeper from 10 weeks so I am out of ideas, and starting to get very run down myself. DH helps at weekends but I wake anyway.

FifiFerusha Sat 24-Dec-16 06:40:36

Does she actually feed in the night or is she just comfort sucking. If the latter you may want to work at other methods to settle her for a while until she no longer needs the feed. If it is genuine thirst or hunger then I guess it could be trickier as you don't want to deprive them.

I night weaned at ten months. My DS was probably feeding (bf) about twice a night at that time but literally taking hardly any milk. I went through a few weeks( it can take a while) of cuddling him to sleep when he woke and he got used to that as comfort in the end. He eventually stopped waking in the night. Just got out of the habit. Also soothing him at night wakings did not affect his ability to self settle at BT, naps etc.........

X x

lightcola Sat 24-Dec-16 06:54:24

I would look at removing the dummy. Sounds like he's depending on sucking to get to sleep.

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