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Why has 13 month old started waking at night?!

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twolittleboysonetiredmum Wed 21-Dec-16 08:14:06

Why god why?! She has slept through for a couple of months now. For the last week (perfectly timed with the school holidays) she's up at least once a night and will not go back to sleep without milk. Last night it was twice. She can self settle perfectly well and normally would. We've tried ignoring her and she just gets louder and Louder. We have two other children so it's not great. And we're bloody knackered. Could it be a growth spurt lasting this long? Any tips to fix her?!

SilverLinings2014 Wed 21-Dec-16 09:49:03

My DD did this at the same age. Turned out she was cutting her first set of molars...all 4 at once, truly awful. Sleep got progressively worse over the course of about 4/5 weeks until they were all through. But once they were in she went back to normal.

FATEdestiny Wed 21-Dec-16 09:51:08

I'm thinking probably teeth if this is a new thing. Or maybe poorly.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Wed 21-Dec-16 18:48:21

Noooo not teeth! And 4/5 weeks? Eugh
She has been ill, a few weeks ago, and I did initially blame that as figured she was making up for lost eating. Do they drink more milk when teething for comfort? I can't remember

SilverLinings2014 Thu 22-Dec-16 09:33:01

They can want it for comfort yes. My DD started bf'ing again in the night for a few weeks, but it's a double edged sword as the suckling can exacerbate the discomfort, so she would get more distressed as a result fconfused

What worked for us was to get some teething gel on her gums immediately (she usually woke up shouting so quite easy to get some gel onto her back gums whilst her mouth was open), that eased the pain enough that she would take some capol...she would refuse the calpol without the teething gel, then bf for comfort and stay with her until the calpol kicked in.

It's a horrible time chocolate Hopefully you are off work over Xmas and can get some rest in the day when she naps.

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