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11 month old night time sleeping habit has gone out the window - help!

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rachndan Sun 18-Dec-16 08:43:00

Our 11month old DD2 had a great sleeping pattern and has had isince about 4 months old where she would go to sleep about 6pm and wake up at 6/7am. The reason for going to bed so early is because she is sooooo grumpy at about 6pm it is difficult to get her to stay up any later. She also has a mid morning and mid afternoon nap.

She has a bottle when she wakes up, then porridge, mid morning bottle (then nap), then lunch, then afternoon bottle (then nap), then dinner and then bottle before bed.

In the past couple of weeks she has started waking up at about 3am, not crying but making a constant annoying "aaaaaaah" noise which is just not able to be ignored and carry on sleeping. So after a couple of times going in and laying her back down and her doing it again within a couple of minutes, we have started to change her and give her another bottle and after a little bit more messing about she will go back to sleep until about 7am.

Our DD1 is 5, so it has been a while since we were at this age stage so cant quite remember what it was like.

She is reaching some milestones at the moment i.e. approaching 1 years old, cutting more teeth and she is on the brink of being able to walk (she is taking a few steps unaided) so I wasnt sure if these things are factoring in the restless night?

As I say, she isnt waking up crying - some nights it is laughing (which is creepy) but most nights it is "aaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaah" on a constant irritating loop.

I thought I would try and get her to go to bed a bit later and see if that made a difference and yesterday she didnt go to bed until 7.30pm (instead of 6pm) and strangely the little terror woke up at 1.30am (instead of 3am) so was actually worse!

Any advice would be greatly received as we are feeling rather tired.


FATEdestiny Sun 18-Dec-16 13:20:23

You could try a really tightly tucked in sheet around her (like all the way under the matteess). Feeling tight and secure gives a feeling of security that might help. It also keeps her still.

Aside from that, if there is no distressed sounds whatsoever then I would add earplugs and ignore.

If she is distressed then I would try a comfort feed and cuddle as quickly as possible when she wakes to resettle her. She might be teething and in pain. Or just need you for a bit of comfort and reassurance.

rachndan Sun 18-Dec-16 13:27:22

Its definitely not for comfort as she is not a cuddly baby, hates to be held and hates to be cuddled. Very independant.

Yeah she isnt distressed but I think she would hate to be tucked in too tight as she loves to move about.

Hopefully it is just a phase. A very very short one.

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