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Bad cough at night

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fruityb Fri 16-Dec-16 01:41:36

DS is four months and for the last two weeks has had a bad cough but only at night. It wakes him up and one of us has been picking him up to get him upright and see if he can cough it out. I'm downstairs with him now - hes asleep but keeps coughing. Is there anything I can do?? He normally sleeps through but it's getting to the point I dread bedtime as I know I'll be awake at one am trying to help him with this. It's only at night it's so bad. I've put Vicks on his feet and snuffle babe on his chest and olbas oil on a bib in his cot.

mylaptopismylapdog Fri 16-Dec-16 02:13:11

It might be croup as it is worse at night, see
Hope this helps

fruityb Fri 16-Dec-16 06:26:12

I'm not sure it is croup but am going to try and speak to a doctor today. I'm up again now having had about four hours sleep in fractured bits. This is worse than newborn. At least he would go back down easily then. Now he sleeps for less than an hour at a time at night but can easily sleep in the day. I'm a broken woman!!

FATEdestiny Fri 16-Dec-16 10:00:49

Putting books under the legs of one end of the cot may help. Not too steeply mind you, that can be dangerous.

It's wholly against SIDS recommendations but for the odd couple of nights if my children were poorly, I'd put the bouncy chair into my side-car cot and let them slerp sleep in that. The raised head helps (as mentioned above) and the ability to rock to sooth to sleep helps. This is only a short term measure though, while poorly.

fruityb Fri 16-Dec-16 14:57:34

He's asleep now having a nap. He's been off his food today a bit, feeding in stages. He had a liquid poo while in the doctors waiting room where I took him for a check over and some drops for his gunky eye. That was fun! I've put a pillow under his mattress and he's comfortable now.

Eye drops given, calpol administered and have bought some ibuprofen for coughs and a calpol plugin. Fingers crossed all will be well!

mylaptopismylapdog Fri 16-Dec-16 21:18:52

Hope he gets better soon and you get some sleep.

fruityb Sat 17-Dec-16 00:42:30

No cough tonight so think the plugin has helped. The little shit guy was still awake at midnight and nothing would settle him leading up to that - dummy spat out and covers kicked off. He's now in his grobag having devoured a bottle and is snorting and grunting his way back to sleep like the little piglet he can be. Good job I love him.

fruityb Sat 17-Dec-16 03:47:04

And awake again at half three. I'm in tears I can't cope with this

Frollyhollyday Sat 17-Dec-16 03:52:17

I am also awake at half 3. He will get better soon but to have a baby who sleeps through at 4 months is amazing. Mine wakes every 2-3 hours for a feed. But compared to my first who woke every 45 minutes I can't complain.

It seems awful when you are in the thick of it and because you are just not used to it but he will get better and eventually you will get more sleep. You are going to be great. X

mangolime Sat 17-Dec-16 03:59:53

Am awake with my 13m old dd who also has a cough which keeps waking her up culminating in her having an overtired flip out in the early hours. No tips really, I think we just have to ride it out but just wanted to offer sympathy and say yes fucking hell it is tough!! brew

fruityb Sat 17-Dec-16 04:02:00

He has slept through and I know we were very lucky so to have worse sleep than when he was newborn is killing me. He's asleep again in bed with me after I switched the white noise on he crashed. He's as exhausted as me!! Plus he's just coming through an upset tummy so I've had two horrible sounding farts to deal with - thankfully there wasn't a lot there as he's been in the habit of it going everywhere. He has nearly run out of clothes this week and had to be in baby grows all day!!

This hurts! OH haa got man flu a cold and is shivering with it in the sofa. I'm so pleased he'll have had a lovely sleep. twat

Frollyhollyday Sat 17-Dec-16 04:04:50

He will be well rested enough to take over tomorrow si you can sleep at least x

fruityb Sat 17-Dec-16 05:09:56

I can't cope. Been ill myself this week but somehow managed to get on with what I needed to, including endless amounts of washing after DS had shit everywhere. I just need him to sleep for longer than these two or three hour stretches as it's absolutely destroying me. I can't get back to sleep easily when he has and then he's awake again!!

fruityb Sat 17-Dec-16 09:19:13

Ahh he then slept till nine and in between OH came up to bed and popped his dummy in when he woke as needed. They're both downstairs and DS is chatting away and giggling. The cold light of day certainly changes things! But that calpol plugin worked for the cough. I'm guessing it's sleep regression that's causing the other issue. Plus he's had a bug which meant he didn't eat as much yesterday but he destroyed two 7oz bottles in the night so am hoping he's feeling better now!

No wonder sleep deprivation is a form of torture! Plus I get little nicks in my eyelids where I've been rubbing my eyes which are really sore.

Hoping the bug goes and he gets back into his rhythm. and we all get some sleep!

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