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18 month sleep regression & teething??!!

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clurina32 Tue 29-Nov-16 19:02:17

hey everyone, hoping for some advice here. My almost 18 month old has never been a great sleeper. We did a bit of sleep training which worked for a short while, but then she got ill with multiple ear infections and it all went to pot. We have never quite recovered since! Anyway the last month or so has been hell sleep-wise. She is waking 3 to 4 times a night. I had put it down to teething as several came through at once and I can see her canines are about to come through too. She has also had a very sore bottom due to runny nappies which must be due to teething. Of course I haven't got any issues comforting her through this difficult time and hate for her to be in pain, but recently her 'crying out' has sounded more like 'where are you mummy?' shouts to me and its so frequent. I am concerned that its more habit now as I have resorted to bottle on many occasion to get her back to sleep quickly!! I dont want to do any sleep training because i'm not sure if she is still teething or not. It just seems to have been going on for weeks now and i'm at my wits end sad

I guess i'm just looking for some reassurance/advice... Any other tips on how to soothe a majorly teething child (we dose her up on nurofen and use gel etc) Or is it the dreaded 18 month sleep regression i've read about on here many a time....? GULP If we could somehow reduce it to one wake up per night, that would be better than 4!!!

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