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Sleeping on front.Opinions Please.

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timo Tue 22-Jun-04 15:27:18

My Ds Sleeps better on front.Any opinions pls.

timo Tue 22-Jun-04 15:27:49

Sorry he is 3mths.

tammybear Tue 22-Jun-04 15:34:46

I think my dd was about 3 months when she started to sleep on her front, and has done so ever since. I havent really been worried about it, although at first I use to turn her on her back, but she'd just turn over onto her front again. She use to always put her cloth over her face as well which use to scare me half to death when I'd see her. Ive just seen your other thread, and I cant really remember much about dd's naps when she was 3 months, so hopefully some of the other mums can help you there.

timo Tue 22-Jun-04 15:36:46

Oh thats good to know then. I wont worry 2 much.Thanx.

throckenholt Tue 22-Jun-04 15:50:55

All 3 of mine slept on their fronts. DS1 would not settle on his back - would throw up. I worried sick about it but they are all fine. Mine all had strong necks and could turn their heads early.

tiamaria Tue 22-Jun-04 15:56:30

timo - My first child did this. Cot death was very much in the news at that time and it worried me silly. I'm not up to date with latest advice. Could you ask your health visitor if s/he has any advice for you?

jacquie Tue 22-Jun-04 16:14:54

All four of my children have slept on fronts from day one...if you think about it, it's the most comfortable and settled position as it's like being flailing limbs. As all mine slept either in my bed or right next to me in a basket until they were old enough to turn their heads, I never worried - it's not like you don't keep an eye on them. Remember the sids advice is a collection of suggestions, not saying if you do this this will happen...ask your mum, in here generation the advice was to put to sleep on tum!

prettycandles Tue 22-Jun-04 17:34:58

ds slept on his tummy during the day from a few weeks old, and at night from about 5m. dd was on her tummy from the day we came home from hospital (in hospital I compromised and put her on her side). They were both windy babies, and being on their backs distressed them. On their fronts they can burp and parp easily if they need to.

I think the SIDS concern re front-sleeping is to do with the gut overheating, so my reasoning was that it would be OK because the room was cool and the baby wasn't hot or sweaty, and we were very low on all the other risk-factors as well.

Ameliasmum Mon 12-Jul-04 23:17:39

My 7 week old daughter will only sleep on her tummy. I have tried to put her down on her back at night but she doesn't sleep longer than 2 or 3 hours. If I put her on her tummy she sleeps for 7 hours!

She is really strong and can turn her head from side to side and lift it; and she manages to kick off the blankets and end up sideways in the middle of her cot after I have put her at the bottom.

I am still nervous though and can't help constantly checking. I have a monitor that keeps track of movement but I am still feeling neurotic about it.

Lonelymum Mon 12-Jul-04 23:25:15

I echo Jacquie and all the others who say their children slept better on their fronts. All four of mine did too. I must admit I didn't find this out until they were old enough to roll over and choose their position for themselves, but after that, the improvement in sleep patterns was remarkable.
I think if you are conscious of the other sids factors and avoid them, there can't be much risk allowing your son to sleep on his front. Generations of babies grew up this way. We are here to tell the tale.

Amzie Tue 10-Aug-04 15:06:34

My ds1 won't sleep on his back either. We started putting him on his tummy during daytime naps as he seemed to settle, he was still on his back at night time though. However, now he just will not go to sleep at night on his back, he cries and cries, with arms and legs flailing. Both my husband and I spend ages winding him. The minute we put him in his basket on his tummy he goes to sleep. It does frighten me, though, he does sleep much better as a result. If anyone has any ideas on how to coax him to sleep on his back I'd be grateful. He is just over 7 weeks old. Thanks

bundle Tue 10-Aug-04 15:08:42

dd1 flipped over & slept on her tummy when she was exactly 6 months old, to her mummy's angnst-ridden relief..but even then i remember trying to ease her back over when she first did it, despite her having a v strong neck, firm mattress, nothing to keep her too hot etc.
was much more relaxed with dd2, i'm sure she was on her tum a bit earlier.

hercules Tue 10-Aug-04 15:08:57

No help. DD from this age would only sleep on her side and we had to hold her like that or she woke up.

hana Tue 10-Aug-04 18:05:27

timo - my dd also slept on her front from about the same age. I worried terribly - I would put her in the cot on her back but everytime I checked on her she'd be on her belly.......she did a lot of flipping around in her sleep (still does at 3!) but I eventually worried less. She could turn herself over and always had her head to one side. I don't think you can 'make' them sleep on one side or the other.

HiddenSpirit Tue 10-Aug-04 18:18:30

Both my DS's slept on their front most of the time from a few weeks old. Like others have said, they settled better on their tums and the only other way DS2 would settle at all was by me rocking him constantly in his "rock-a-tot" carseat.

Yorkiegirl Tue 10-Aug-04 18:21:29

Message withdrawn

Piffleoffagus Tue 10-Aug-04 18:48:09

my dd too, from 6 weeks she was on her tunny
at 21 mths she still sleeps there!
I watched her carefully, keeping her in with us and monitored

moomeister Wed 09-Mar-05 20:40:04

My baby sleeps on her tummy, as did my first baby. She is a windy baby, and I find it is the only way to get long chunks of sleep. My problem is that she wakes every morning struggling to push her wind through. The Health Visitor says she needs to just grow out of it, and it is all to do with her imature gut. It is just very demoralising to try and help her every morning for hours at a time to pass this trapped wind. Any suggestions?

piffle Wed 09-Mar-05 20:48:53

both of mine were put there from err 8 days ds and dd 3 days when I realised they were unhappy on backs. both sleptmuch better thereafter
both alive both gorgeous although I worried all the time. now dd is nearly 3 and ds 11 both still sleep on their fronts...
tis instinct and your own judgement call, both were in with me in bedside cot , ds in my bed so easier to call.

jud2905 Thu 31-Mar-05 22:04:19

ds1 was really colicky baby and slept on front from very early (weeks). Ds2 now 6 months old and he has started sleeping on his front on his own, he is put down on his back and without fail will roll himself over. Both developed really good head control early - don't worry

handlemecarefully Thu 31-Mar-05 22:28:54

My ds slept on his front from about the same age (3 months). I would put him to sleep on his back and then he would roll over. As far as I am aware if they are capable of rolling over to this position you shouldn't worry as they have enough 'mobility' for it not to be a SIDs problem

ambrosia Fri 01-Apr-05 17:03:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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