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Sleep/solids/eczema/teething- help!?!

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Floweroct2 Thu 24-Nov-16 07:50:24

Ds is coming up to 6 months - he normally wakes 1/2 times a night, I feed him to sleep them put in Snuzpod next to our bed - this has always worked and he stays asleep from 7 to at least midnight. He's had a tooth coming through since end of last week, we started solids on Saturday and he also has eczema. Sunday he slept through from 7-5 which I hoped would be the start of something new. But Monday he woke up when we put him down and wouldn't settle so fed him and tried again, same thing happened and then he wouldn't feed and was distressed and crying which I'm fairly certain was teething as he had very red cheeks - gave him some calpol and nurses him to sleep. After holding him for an hour or so put him down and he stayed asleep but woke an hour or so later and wouldn't be put down but would sleep in my bed. Tuesday night teething seemed to be better and was fine during the day but gave him some calpol just in case but same thing happened he woke up every time we put him down but this time itching his eczema again ended up feeding him lying down and keeping him in our bed. So last night no obvious teething pains and not itching his eczema but still wouldn't sleep - this time seemed to be wriggling around so wondering if it's his tummy as he didn't even really sleep in our bed he's had a dirty nappy most days so not sure. Any suggestions on what problem could be and how to help him sleep? Or is there just a lot going on for him now so I just need to suck it up? Thinking of not doing solids today - just been giving a small amount of purée at lunch with some water. Thanks!!

LalaLeona Thu 24-Nov-16 11:04:20

I just posted on another thread about my son who wakes in pain for 3 weeks before every tooth! For some babies it goes on for a long time maybe your baby is the same.

Floweroct2 Thu 24-Nov-16 12:08:09

Thanks I've just noticed a second tooth has come through so hopefully it was that and it'll be better tonight!

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