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Pregnancy insomnia........

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Nottalotta Wed 23-Nov-16 18:54:31

Just as ds sleep isimproving (having stopped night feeds, he is sleeping through on occasion and often until 3/4 and then resettle til 5/6) I develop an inability to get back to sleep.

30was pregnant. Woke up at 1am last night and was wide abloodywake until after 3.30. Then awake to resettle ds at 4 and that was it for me.

Was at work today, I am shattered with a headache.

Is there anyway to combat this?

FATEdestiny Wed 23-Nov-16 21:42:35

There's 14 months between my eldest two. I returned to work (full time secondary teaching) after maternity leave already 4 months pregnant and with a 9 month old who needed rocking to sleep, woke multiple times and screamed for several hours per night.

My best advise is the old adage 'sleep whenever you can'. If you are not sleeping well at night, could you nap when you get home from work? I was known to power nap through my lunchtime at work - sleep being far more important than good.

Forget all the rules about when you 'should' sleep, just sleep whenever you can.

Then don't stress if you can't sleep. Take value from just relaxing in a quiet, darkened room without needing to parent.

Nottalotta Thu 24-Nov-16 13:16:11

Thanks Fate. I can't nap when I get in as I get home at 6 and it's ds bath and bedtime, once he's asleep I cook and eat. Try to sit up for an hour to ease heartburn.......

I more tired now than I ever have been! Also failing on the nap front, so usually walking in pram etc.

TheNewWife Thu 24-Nov-16 13:18:23

I'm almost 20weeks with first baby and my sleep is all over the place. I see 5am most mornings though (alarm goes at 7am) sometimes I get back to sleep, sometimes I don't.
My dreams are bonkers - not scary but very, very vivid and I think that's what wakes me up?

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