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Anyone have / had a 10mo with NO nap routine?

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MYA2016 Wed 23-Nov-16 08:48:18

For weeks now my 10mo DS has just stopped his 2 day time naps. They were like clockwork morning and afternoon. Just a quick cuddle then down in the cot for 1-2 hours.
Every day it gets worse not better and I'm back at work next week.
Some days he is surviving off 20 mins sleep all day and other days (like yesterday) I managed to get him down for his first nap of the day at 3pm. That was after he woke at 6.30am and I had to lie with him on the sofa.
The thing is he is sleeping really well at night, usually 11 hours with the odd night of coming in our bed at 5am and going back to sleep.
So how worked up do I let myself get about the lack of naps? He isnt grumpy when he's not slept, he's like a duracell bunny he will just keep going! The only time ever he gets upset is when I try and force him to sleep!
I have been aiming for one long nap after lunch but he doesn't even seem interested in this, hence the 45 mins at 3pm yesterday afternoon.
Is this normal for a 10mo and can i just persevere with letting him pretty much do what he wants! ?

Mammamia07 Wed 23-Nov-16 10:56:14

Hi sorry I have no parenting experience on this as my daughter turns into a monster if she doesn't nap. However from a professional experience (Nursery Nurse), my advice is to let him lead the way with naps. If he's happy to go throughout the day with none and it doesn't affect his night sleeps then go for it. Every child is different

FATEdestiny Wed 23-Nov-16 14:08:46

If the amount of sleep he is getting is not adversely affecting him in any way, I cannot understand the problem?

If he does need a nap, even if its just an hour, he is likely to be better if that was at a consistent ish time each day. If he doesnt want any sleep, just routine his bedtime by following his lead.

Could you introduce an hour of quiet time each day? At least then if he does need to start napping again at a later date, there is an established bit of down-time each day when he could

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