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22 month early riser

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Cathays Wed 23-Nov-16 06:19:23

My DS has been waking up around 5-5.30 for a couple of weeks and whilst I know it's not the worst sleep problem, it does feel too early to start the day and I'm shattered. He won't be comforted back to sleep when he wakes up, wants milk. I change his nappy and take him downstairs for it as I think he'd scream the house down if I left him in his cot whilst I went down to get it. He is going to bed just fine around 7pm, is knackered by then. If I'm at home he'll have a nap for an hour or two at 1ish, but he's so tired that if I take him out in the car he'll be fast asleep by 9.30am. Any tips gratefully received!

TeaBelle Wed 23-Nov-16 06:28:30

Following with interest- dd used to ride at 8 but recently it's 5 and I'm exhausted!

FATEdestiny Wed 23-Nov-16 13:47:31

It's entirely normal and reasonable for a toddler to sleep 11 hours a night. So a 7pm bedtime gives a 6am wake up. Therefore its it's actually only half an hour or an hour "early", which isn't that much.

A 8pm bedtime would be much more conducive to a later wake up. It's not as simple as just keeping him up later though.

I would try to lengthen that afternoon nap as much as possible. If you cannot lengthen It, then alter the timing so he wakes later in the afternoon. Ideally you want a wake up time of between 3pm to 4pm. This will mean he's not so knackered at bedtime and can stay up to start bedtime routine 7.30 and asleep for 8pm.

So working backwards from a 3-4pm wake, that could mean one longer nap or two shorter naps:

- 1pm nap waking 3-4pm
- 10am-11am nap then 2pm-3/4pm nap.

MrsGB2015 Wed 23-Nov-16 13:51:58

Following with interest! For the last 4 months my 20 month old is waking at 5/5.30... It's a killer!!!

Cathays Wed 23-Nov-16 14:15:40

Thanks Fate. He's asleep in his cot now, I'll leave him for as long as I can and try that tonight. I guess I'm so worn out I'm probably putting him to bed at 7 for my own benefit rather than his!

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