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Need some reassurance that it will get better

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rebeccaroskellthomas Mon 21-Nov-16 13:24:53

My LG usually went to bed at 7pm without trouble, woke at 10pm and then twice more in the night. I breastfed her and she went straight back to sleep. We went away in September and shared a room and she would not sleep in the cot so ended up in with me.

When we got home she had some good nights but mostly she doesn't want to sleep on her own. Throw into the mix LG got an infection and now she's getting her bottom two teeth through our nights are awful. One of us usually ends up on the couch with her. Last night LG wouldn't go to sleep until 10pm (she was hyper of calpol which has never happened before) and then she went down for 2x 30 mins and then I had to go on the couch with her. My partner took over at half 2.

I don't want to sleep train her when she's ill really and I suppose I just want some reassurance that this is normal and it will get better?

FATEdestiny Mon 21-Nov-16 13:30:26

How old is she?

rebeccaroskellthomas Mon 21-Nov-16 13:49:00

She's 1

FATEdestiny Mon 21-Nov-16 20:30:37

If she's poorly and teething, I would just try to survive thtough that. Then 9nce she's better reassess the situation.

It sounds like dhes over tired. Also what do you mean by having her on the couch? It is far safer to do sleep with her on a bed. If both adults cant stay in the bed with her then the other adult would be better on the couch, baby in bed.

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