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Rock bottom

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LittleElephant123 Sat 19-Nov-16 22:15:34

So I've posted a few times about sleep regressions and stuff but this is something else now. . ..

Dd is 10 months and is eating 3 good meals a day with snacks. Drinking water during the day.

She has never been great at taking her milk only ever taking 5 maximum since she was wee.

So she was getting up during the night and only taking 1 oz so we decided ok let's cut out the 2am feed. It was going great for a few weeks DD was happy just getting her dummy back and went back to sleep until 5ish then took another 5.5oz. She was also really good at self settle.

I was putting formula in her cereal she was refusing to take it so she gets cows milk with her cereal. She won't take any formula during the day at all not in a bottle not in a cup. She likes to drink out of my glass or cup so I've even tried putting it into that but nope she spits it back out.

The past week she has been taking between 1oz and 3oz then pushing her bottle away and getting upset if I try give her it back. Then she's up every 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Wanting fed give her a feed and she only takes 2/3oz again.

Had her at HV and spoke to her about it. She was concerned that she wasnt taking anywhere near enough formula as she is supposed to. Dd had dropped below her percentile line but HV wasn't worried as it's just a little below. Her advice was just keep doing what I'm doing.

Last night I hit rock bottom. Dd took 1oz so gave her a cuddle then put her into cot as usual. She was shattered and we had done bedtime routine the same as it has been since she was 4 months old. She cried for 45 minutes I was in and out lying her back down. Trying my hardest not to pick her up. At 1 point she was sobbing so I went in and took her out cot gave her a cuddle and she calmed down. Put her back down she started screaming again (not an upset scream more like a temper scream). She eventually gave in. I was in tears

Same tonight except she didn't take any bottle at all.

I feel like I'm letting her down or doing something so so wrong. Why won't she take any formula? Why has she suddenly started screaming going to bed? I don't want her to be upset. And I don't know what I can do to make it better for her sad

Any advice or tips or anything I'm willing to give anything a go. Sorry for the long post!

FATEdestiny Sat 19-Nov-16 22:45:26

It sounds like she doesn't want any formula. She sounds exhausted and that she doesn't want a feed, she just wants to go back to sleep.

Is she getting enough daytime sleep? I'd be aiming for two naps at 9.00-10.30/11.00 and then 1.30-3.00/3.30 with a bedtime around 7-7.30pm.

Regarding milk - think of it as dairy now she's weaned. If she doesn't like milk as a drink don't stress about it. Just give lots of dairy-rich foods and ensure she drinks enough fluids to not be thirsty.

LittleElephant123 Sat 19-Nov-16 22:57:14

Napping is now becoming a fight too. I'm trying to keep her on 2 naps a day so we usually get up around 7.15 then she usually goes down between 10-10.30 for anything upto 2 hours mostly and 1.5 hours tho. Then the afternoon I've been trying to get her down between 3 and 4. That sleep is usually 30-60 minutes. The past few days the screaming match has been awful. On Thursday I took her in for a sleep (as usual nothing different) and she was going mental so I put her into her cot just so I could get a breath for a minute. Then went in got a cuddle picked her out and then started the routine again and she went down for 90 minutes so she was obviously tired.

She does drink loads during the day Its something I'm pretty strict on and thankfully she loves dairy products. The HV put it into my head to worry because she was concerned but yt not wiling to do anything to help us.

Thank you so much Fate!

FATEdestiny Sat 19-Nov-16 23:16:04

If she's only taking 1/2/3 oz in a night feed then she isn't hungry. Hungry is 6/7/8 oz per feed. Honestly I would stop giving this and just settle with the dummy.

Your daytime naps don't look that bad actually. Have you thoyghtvanput moving her to 1-nap days?

Given her morning nap is already late morning, could you try keeping her really busy. Then giving her lunch at 11am so that her nap moves to 11.30pm.

Regarding milk - the 1 pint of milk baby should have included dairy in food. So if she's having plenty of yoghurts, cheese, butter, cream etc then she may not need very much milk as a drink. Your HV should know this, It's standard nhs advice.

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