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Dropping morning milk

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Aristacat1 Sat 19-Nov-16 20:50:31

So lo is 13 months. She has 6oz before being but in cot at 630 then generally sleeps through till 5-5.30. She wakes ip and chats and quite often ends up making frustrated crys.When I go in she is grizzling and not happy at all untill she has milk ( normally bout 4oz) Any ideas if this is normal at this age? I feel its a habit and she might be a bit more settled in the morning if I start giving her milk in a cup at breakfast? What age have ppl stoped using bottles? Is it comfort?. Any advice for a happier baby first thing in morn please smile x

Aristacat1 Sun 20-Nov-16 08:16:48


MrsGB2015 Sun 20-Nov-16 08:18:49

My DS still had a bottle at that age first thing, now he's 20 months he has milk in a sippy cup (but would still prefer s bottle given the choice!)
I think they say bottle up until 18 months, but it's personal choice.

FourToTheFloor Sun 20-Nov-16 08:19:50

Dd2 is 14 mth and has 240ml at night and 180 in the morning. I'm going to drop the morning one after Christmas.

Aristacat1 Sun 20-Nov-16 10:51:20

Thanks for that reassurance. Are they desperate for it? X

MrsGB2015 Sun 20-Nov-16 13:10:52

Mine was and would down the bottle in one go and then perk up and be ready to start the day. With a sippy cup of milk he's less bothered, drinks less and has his breakfast earlier. I will just give him milk and breakfast at the same time soon. Ideally I would have started this already, but it's much harder to implement when they wake up at 5 (whole other issue we are trying to fix!)

GiveMyHeadPeaceffs Sun 20-Nov-16 13:23:25

My ds is 17 months and still gets his morning milk warmed and in a bottle. It gives us a bit of cuddle time before the mayhem of morning starts. I'm not in any rush to stop it and he seems to still like the bottle first thing and before bed

Lucked Sun 20-Nov-16 13:27:19

My 4 and 3 year olds still like milk first thing after getting up in the morning. Not in bottles obviously. I initially transitioned to a drinking spout on the bottle and then onto a cup.

I will drop it when they don't want it. They don't really drink much at breakfast though, doesn't seem to affect their appetite.

Aristacat1 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:22:02

Thanks for ur comments.Mrs G you said aboit 5am start. My am early riser and inwonder if its coz she really wants the comfort of milk hence why she gets wound up. She like it after a bath when getting ready for bed as well. Gets really upsey until milk time? X

MrsGB2015 Tue 22-Nov-16 18:46:59

He's normally OK in the evening while doing the bath but unless there's something to distract him afterwards he wants his milk straight away when we get downstairs. I'm not sure if that's because he's hungry or if it's just because he's quite demanding anyways.

The early morning waking is so tough, everything I've tried doesn't work. We tried delaying the milk by a couple of minutes at a time and that didn't work so I don't think he's waking up hungry. We tried shorter and earlier naps and later and earlier bedtimes which also didn't work. We even used CC for a week and still no difference. The only thing we haven't tried is the wake to sleep method. Its been like this for 4 months now and I've just accepted my days are going to start early for the time being.

Nottalotta Tue 22-Nov-16 18:57:16

Ds goes in his cot with 8Oz of warm.cows milk at 6.30 and mostly drinks all of it
He has a short bf when he wake-up which is often 5am. I try to stretch out getting up til 6 if I can, but mostly it's 5.45 when I go and get his milk, again 8Oz cows milk which he guzzles down.

First baby so not experienced in this but I thought it was pretty normal to have a decent amount of milk first and last thing. He's nearly 16 months.

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