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No sleep for the wicked

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softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 01:06:16

Just wondering if anyone one else is up.. I think it it's going to be a long night!
DC 8 months has a cold, put him down at 7pm and he's had at most 30mins in his cot, he must be as knackard as I am as I keep trying unsuccessfully to put him back down... starting to contemplate just finding ways to stay awake and just let him sleep on me but don't really want to make any more of those pesky rods for myself...
So anyone else looking down the barrel of a night of broken sleep do tell me I'm not the only one!?

BearGryllsHasaBigRope Sat 19-Nov-16 01:20:10

Ah he's poorly. Pop him in your bed for the night. There's no good in trying to force him to sleep in his own bed if he's feeling rough. You'll both feel better tomorrow if you get some decent kip. Hope he gets himself on the mend quickly!

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 01:46:58

Thanks Bear I did try one last time, lasted about 10 in the spare room/bed with the lap top out about to find a film to watch... I've never co slept and haven't got anything set up to do it safely so just going to tough it out now and stay awake, he is poorly I think his snotty nose keeps waking him when he's laid flat while I guess in my arms he's slightly propped up so helps him to sleep... told DH to sleep and he can take over come the morning and I'll sleep then.

cookieswirls Sat 19-Nov-16 02:31:07

I'm up my twins won't sleep anywhere but on me. I'm so tired sad

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 02:40:30

Oh cookie massive sympathy, how old are they?

Standingonmytippytoes Sat 19-Nov-16 02:42:49

Generally you don't really need safety equipment a pillow would probably do. I could sleep and don't really use anything.

Standingonmytippytoes Sat 19-Nov-16 02:43:03

Co sleep

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 02:50:08

I'm just a bit nervous on the co sleep front, I know I'm probably being daft but I had a nightmare shortly after having him that I fell asleep with him in bed and he got stuck under the covers I woke up crying and scrabbling around the bed trying to find him... he was of course safe in the side cot but scared me off trying it sad

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 02:50:53

He's my first if you hadn't guessed grin

Cakedoesntjudge Sat 19-Nov-16 02:54:47

If you're already panicky then you probably wouldn't sleep overly well anyway! I think it's entirely normal to worry when you haven't done it before. They seem so diddy when they're little! Would it be worth whacking the shower on and sitting in the bathroom to see if the steam helps clear his nose? At least that way you might get a little bit of sleep!

ImSoUnoriginal Sat 19-Nov-16 03:06:08

I always sleep with my 9 month old on me in the morning from about 4am. Only way to get that precious last few hours sleep. I sleep lightly though so the moment he moves, I wake enough to make sure he's safe. He's been fussing around on me for the last 45 mins as he's got his top 2 teeth coming through. I can see them just waiting to poke through. Wish they would bloody well get on with it.
My little one was just as bad when he had a bad cold. I hope you both get some sleep.
.....and he just woke again, crying, no reason, I've been cuddling him since 2.15. hmm
Good luck OP. grin

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 03:07:34

Thanks Cake, might have to try that if I get desperate... I've relocated myself down stairs for the time being and I'm re watching gone girl while mumsnetting so don't feel too bad right now and I'm lucky really as it's Saturday tomorrow so I can have some help to catch up on sleep then. He's not been a great sleeper generally of late but he does usually give me a 2/3 hour block at least.
He's fast asleep now though smile
What's keeping you up?

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 03:19:02

I'm sorry you are having a hard time of it sleep wise too, that's hard going!... I'm convinced everyone one lies about having babies that sleep through!
I think teeth is the reason my DC has been waking more in the last month, bottom two are through and one of his top side ones bizarrely hmm
Fingers crossed they poke through asap!
When do all the teeth finish coming through??? grin

Standingonmytippytoes Sat 19-Nov-16 03:25:06

Oh goodness well no wonder your a little panicked then.

dylsmimi Sat 19-Nov-16 03:32:12

I'm up
Though so far a quieter night than last night when everyone was up lots of times and all at different times
Ds3 has picked up ds2 cold so j have two snotty children not sleeping well and ds3 is too little for sniffle babe
Have you propped one end of his cot up? That may help? Or (and I know this isn't ideal) can he sleep in his pushchair of that's elevated more and then once he is asleep you can sleep on the sofa/floor with a duvet and get some rest
Good luck - it's the worse feeling knowing you are going to be up all nigjt sad

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 03:41:38

Mimi 2 poorly children, can't even imagine how hard that must be!
The pram idea is genius, can't believe I hadn't considered that ... thank you smile
I'm going to give it a go and hope for the best!
Hope we all get some sleep soon brew

GardenGeek Sat 19-Nov-16 03:49:01

I am so ill I cant sleep!

I am drowning in my own buggers sad
Coughing and with a splitting headache;
I feel your kiddies pain

2nd night in so not sure when this will all be over... worst illness in c. 5 years I think

MiniLop Sat 19-Nov-16 03:56:08

I'm awake with 10 day old DS2! DH has gone to the spare room. No point in both of us being tired and I'm BFing so there's not much he can do to help anyway.

stuckinny Sat 19-Nov-16 03:57:05

When my DS had a cold I used to prop one end of his cot/mattress up so that he wasn't laying flat. It seemed to help a bit.
I think I had a foam wedge thing I put under the mattress but I'm sure a few books under the cot legs would work.

stuckinny Sat 19-Nov-16 03:57:43

I should have added good luck. It's awful when they're sick.

softboiledeggs Sat 19-Nov-16 05:31:59

Geek, drowning in buggers does not sound good! Hope you feel better soon.
Mini, hope you got some shut eye with your new born and your DH takes over for a bit in the morning between feeds.
Stuck, thank you for the advice, will try it tonight if we have the same again!
Have managed about a 20 min nap, he's awake now though and in a up for the day way so letting DH have until 6 then poking him to swap wink
Thanks all for keeping me company and hope you managed a bit more sleep too! brewcake

Sleepingbunnies Sat 19-Nov-16 05:35:12

Been up since 3.45
Baby woke me.and I can't get back to sleep sad today is going to be a long day!!

cookieswirls Sat 19-Nov-16 06:56:33

Thankyou op they are 10 months old and teething. I gave up at 3 and went downstairs. At least I had some tv for company. Funny thing is come 7 they will be sound asleep but I need to be up then anyway.

BearGryllsHasaBigRope Sat 19-Nov-16 07:26:26

I hope you're getting some sleep in now smilesaline drops are a godsend for stuffy noses.

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