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Sleeping patterns fudged

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puddingandpiee Thu 17-Nov-16 01:30:31

Since having my DS 8 weeks ago I can't seem to get to sleep till 2am despite going to bed at 9pm. I wake up exhausted yet the same thing happens night after night. Anyone else experienced this? Also any good tips on how to get to sleep?

Thanks in advance!

FizzyFeet Thu 17-Nov-16 14:49:37

I know how you feel! In the end I got DH to do the night feeds (formula fed) and took Nytol. The proper stuff from over the counter, not the herbal stuff. The pharmacist recommended it for being able to drop off more easily but not be like a zombie the next day.
The other thing that helps me is something. I think I read on here. You have to think of a country beginning with each letter of the alphabet. It's only been a rare night that I've got to Z!

FizzyFeet Thu 17-Nov-16 14:51:02

Oops, should have said - I didn't make DH do all the nights, just one to get me over the hump. He survives better on broken sleep than I do (plus DD is a poor daytime sleeper) so now we do alternate nights.

FATEdestiny Thu 17-Nov-16 19:10:58

Are you sleeping in the daytime at all?

Pipsicola Sun 20-Nov-16 07:14:16

I too found that my sleeping deteriorated after DD was born. I'd previously not been the best sleeper but slept well most nights except if particularly stressful time. The disruption of having a baby however really upset it. In the early days the anxiety of hearing her make little noises kept me up. I'm breastfeeding and would lie awake just counting down the minutes until DD would wake up again, as felt like I was 'on call' all the time.

In the end it's gradually got better as times gone on and I've felt more comfortable with being a mum. Things that have helped me include
1) DH doing a night like fizzyfeet with a bottle and in another room - took the pressure of me and help break the cycle
2) having a good nighttime routine - warm drink, book, bed (just like the babies)
3) not staying in bed too long - if can't sleep I get up after 30-60 mins, read or have a milky drink before trying again.
4) trying to deal with anything that is worrying me during the day
5) moving DD into her own room (know too early for you - even moving the cot next to DH rather than my side of the bed helped)

Post natal insomnia is not uncommon, so don't feel like you are alone. However if it doesn't settle I'd really recommend speaking to your GP as we wouldn't want it to deteriorate further and impact on your mood/health.

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