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Not slept in 4 days

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Amazonmulu Mon 14-Nov-16 06:37:53

Hoping someone has been through similar and can offer hope or advice as I'm at my wits end sad

My lg was sleeping amazingly (7pm to 6am with one wake up) till 4 months... Now at 5m2w she will ONLY sleep on us. Only. Not in her crib for 2 mins, not anywhere. Just on us.

She has been through a lot... Bad reaction to jabs at 4m, then holiday away, new crib in her own room (outgrew Moses basket), possible teething (no sign of tooth), growth spurt (up a percentile), rolling back to tummy, stopped using gripe water, new dummy (as outgrew old), and since last Monday a cold... Which is now a cough sad

I don't know if the cold and cough is what broke the whole thing but since Mon/Tue she will only sleep on us. Will she sleep in her cot again when she is better? If you've survived baby's first cold how long does it last?

I don't mind this during the day - her only sleeping on me - I love her cuddles. And she used to sleep on me during the day often anyway. But the nights are killing me. I can't sleep holding her. She won't sleep in our bed - HATES it and cries. So I've not slept in days. I'm starting to hallucinate. We've tried to take shifts but she mostly wants me, plus my oh works.

She is such a happy smiley baby, I love her so much but this is filling me with resentment and anger... I just need her back in her cot sleeping sad

MagicHatching Mon 14-Nov-16 06:44:22

You poor poor thing. All mine were terrible sleepers and I've had the hallucination thing so I know what torture you are going through.

Some obvious things that in sure you've tried but just in case:
Sitting with her when she's in her cot and patting her back, making a shhhing sound
White noise
Pushing back and forth in buggy (not ideal habit to get into though)
Leaving her for a few minutes to settle on her own even if she cries

Out of interest why did you stop using gripe water?

Amazonmulu Mon 14-Nov-16 07:10:59

Thanks Magic x We use white noise already but will try the shushing and patting. I'm desperate but still not ready for cc sad We dropped gripe water as she has been burping herself for a couple of months... And when we ran out a couple of weeks ago there was no difference to her. Didn't notice at all.

cookieswirls Mon 14-Nov-16 07:19:41

If it's any consolation I've spent the past 2 nights alternating my twins whilst ones crying in the cot I'm holding/ feeding the other! This has gone on all night for 2 nights. No sleep really Iis horrific! When I tell people they don't like to believe me and think I'm exaggerating. Sorry not very helpful but your not alone flowers

Amazonmulu Mon 14-Nov-16 08:15:34

Omg cookies sad I can't even imagine it with twins. I'm struggling to survive with just one! I really hope tonight is better for you sad

Redkite10a Mon 14-Nov-16 08:58:48

If she has a cold with a snuffley nose have you tried saline nose spray to help with her breathing? The other one that used to help us was adjusting the cot slightly so her hear is a little higher than her feet, again to help with breathing and her cough. Hopefully she'll get better soon!

Tumtitum Mon 14-Nov-16 09:18:05

OP my little one is older, 9 months, but she is going through similar to your little one - learning to crawl , teething, and a bad cough and cold. What helped us was a teething liquid called anbesol (might be worth trying to rule out teething pain, it helped us to settle her back into her cot), and co-sleeping/feeding lying down. I know you said she won't sleep in your bed but will she feed lying down? Perhaps she might drop off and you can either leave her in your bed or try to transfer her then?
Also just to say don't worry it won't be forever, I've had lots of trouble with DD's sleep and was super worried about messing with our routine and her not going back into her cot etc, but after one night of letting her stay up with us watching tv because she just would not settle, then three nights of kicking DH out of bed and co-sleeping/feeding all night, she was back in her cot last night, not for the whole night but I didn't bring her in with me until 5.30 after two wake ups so huge progress!! I would say whilst she's ill and going through developmental leaps etc just do what you need to to survive and trust that it will go back to normal eventually!! It sounds incredibly tough though you have my sympathy sad
Also you are probably doing things already but I find when my DH is trying to settle her I need to stay away completely as the minute she sees me she wants me and boob. Really hope it gets better for you soon cake

Tumtitum Mon 14-Nov-16 09:18:36

Oh also a vapour plug in thing for her nose, calpol do one, it really helps when they're bunged up

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