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Why is my 4 year old up from 4am every day??!!

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1t6y9o Mon 14-Nov-16 05:59:03

The gro clock has completely stopped working having successfully used it for 2 years! For weeks now my 4 year old has been getting up super early. Before the clock change it was 5 something but now it's regularly around 4.30am. We have tried later bedtimes (8-8.30) but it makes no difference!

I thought it was a phase that would pass but 4 weeks later and no change. We are all beyond exhausted, including my 9 month old who is also being affected.

Until not that long ago she had slept 7-7 her whole life.

I'm at a loss about what to do!

Anyone experienced this?

pontificationcentral Mon 14-Nov-16 06:13:05

What happens if you just say 'no, it's night time, go back to bed'.
It sounds as though she is coming to on one of the sleep cycles - is there anything that happens at that time in the house? Heating clicking on? Boiler making a noise?
At 4 I would be using bribery and corruption if just telling her to go back to bed didn't work. She's old enough for a sticker chart, and to understand the concept of day and night, and right and wrong.

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