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Baby sleeping in, to wake or not to wake.

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HeavyMetalMummy Fri 11-Nov-16 09:15:09

Who, by a show of hands, would wake their baby if they were sleeping in later than usual? And who (like me now), having assured themselves the child is still alive, does 'The Happy Dance', very quietly in their pants and lies down on the floor with a 2nd cup of coffee for a bit?

Timetogrowup2016 Fri 11-Nov-16 10:15:12

Don't wake !
Unless baby is newborn and their weight is an issue leave alone lol

RedLemonade Fri 11-Nov-16 10:40:12

Oh God, Happy Dance al the way.

DD went through a phase at about 18 months of sleeping in till 10 or 11 every morning. It was HEAVEN!!!

Ended as soon as I told a friend about it of course. Ah well. The memories keep me warm when we start the day at 6.

HeavyMetalMummy Fri 11-Nov-16 12:33:34

She's almost 7 months Time and built like a WWE wrestler so no danger there :-) She slept in until 10.30 in the end and I'm not going to lie, it was freakin amazing Red I feel your early mornings pain, usually she's up just before 6am with that 'why are you crying/muttering obscenities mummy?' look on her face.

Gillian1980 Fri 11-Nov-16 13:27:04

I do the happy dance every time!

DD didn't wake up until 9.30 yesterday and it was such a lovely lie-in with a coffee. Both myself and dh were on annual leave so the timing was perfect!

Nottalotta Fri 11-Nov-16 18:54:07

Bloody hell!! Was that with no night time wake ups too? I'd like one of these babies next time please (slept through twice this week for the first time ever, once last night. By slept through I mean, got up at 4.50am.......) at 15 months.

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