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Need to sleep on my own!!

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chocsandtwirls Wed 09-Nov-16 21:35:42

I know this sounds horrible but I just want one decent nights sleep without my 4 month old in the bed! It's the only way he will settle and sleep.

He has cows milk allergy, reflux and eczema so I know these are contributing factors and he's uncomfortable but I haven't had 1 good night sleep in so long! My body aches in the morning making sure he's alright and that I don't move position. Sleep deprivation is torture!

Sorry just needed to rant sad

FATEdestiny Wed 09-Nov-16 21:43:54

How about removing one side off a full sized cot and butting it up to your bed? With matching mattress heights it becomes an extension to your bed. You can cuddle right into the cot to settle baby but, crucially, extract yourself into your own space afterwards.

Also try a dummy. It may take persistence but will be worth it.

Finally and I suspect most importantly, you need to adjust expectations.

Disturbed nights at 4 months old are normal. Very, very disturbed nights are well within normal at 4 months old and some degree of night disturbance up to a year old is really not unusual.

Rather than needing to vent and rage about lack of sleep (which I do understand after 4 children, believe me), you would be better changing your mindset. Lower your expectations. Do less in the daytime so you can rest or cosleep for daytime naps so get more sleep during the day. That won't solve night disturbances, but makes them easier to cope with.

Haggisfish Wed 09-Nov-16 21:46:13

Are you bf or ff? Any chance you can go awAy for a night?!

HedgehogHedgehog Wed 09-Nov-16 21:50:47

are you on your own? if not can your partner take the baby or your mum or someone so you can go to a B&B for a nights sleep? Would do you the world of good. I did it when my baby was 2 months and it wasnt very expensive because i was on my own. I was breastfeeding and i left expressed milk with my husband. The only problem was that as i slept through the night my boobs went rock solid as they were used to feeding every two hours and i leaked milk all over the B&B bedding!! Was worth it tho. And it didnt effect my milk supply at all.

chocsandtwirls Wed 09-Nov-16 21:54:27

Thanks fate but the cot won't fit in with our bed. I tried a sleep pod beside me which worked for a while but he refuses to go in it now.
He has a dummy which he loves, someone's he does wake when it falls out though.
I do expect disturbances but sometimes it's every hour or two. He also very rarely sleeps for long periods during the day unless it's in the car/pram.

Hagg he's ff so could try going away for the night however he only really settles with me and not OH sad

FATEdestiny Wed 09-Nov-16 22:00:16

Sleep pods are small. The benefit in a cosleeper full sized cot is more space for baby and for you to cuddle in.

If it was me I would remove a chest of drawers out of the bedroom to fit the cot in.

Haggisfish Wed 09-Nov-16 22:15:27

I found dc would settle well with someone else if I wasn't there! If dc could smell me, I was doomed. I took myself off for a night in a local premier inn for a night just to have peace. Still had a shit sleep but the next time I did it (about six months later) I took a sleeping pill to make damned sure I got s good sleep! grin

ElspethFlashman Wed 09-Nov-16 22:18:42

Mothercare have one of the narrowest cots on the market if you are desperate enough to buy another one and remove the side. We had no room either but that one fit.

FATEdestiny Wed 09-Nov-16 22:31:01

I think IKEA do a space-saver cot too.

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