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Night Terrors in 5yo

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Bubalie Wed 09-Nov-16 13:24:59

I am desperate for some experiences of night terrors as not really sure what to do. I have read up and asked google many times and all I can get is that this is not of concern and should pass. I am concerned because my ds (5) has had a couple of night terrors a few months back, but in the past 10 days has had them every single night. He doesn't remember them, but I am really worried that there is an underlying cause. They happen every night around 1 hour after he goes to sleep, he gets so distressed and cries a lot, panicking, getting out of bed, talking but not making any sense. I have also noticed his behaviour has changed in the past week or so, ok when at home but out in public and with other children completely ignores my instructions, NO's etc. I'm not sure if these are connected.
Any help/experiences much welcome. Not sure if I should take him to see a GP, but because he doesn’t remember them I don't really want to discuss this in front of him, although when he wokeup this morning he asked me if he cried in his slep again?! Tried waking him up 10 minutes before the next anticipated night terror starts, but have only managed to set him off!

FATEdestiny Wed 09-Nov-16 19:07:16

I wouldn't underestimate the power of Halloween to scare kids. Even the costumes some young ones wear are frightening, especially the full head masks or clever make-up.

If this is a new thing it might be worth considering and talking about it to him.

Aside from that, is anything happening at school? I would have a word with his teacher and say he's been having nightmares. She might be able to make a link to something - friendship issue, table change, different/harder work.

SpartaCarcass Wed 11-Jan-17 17:00:58

I know this is an older thread but is your child asthmatic? Only asking because night terrors are one of the side effects of Montelukast/Singluair prescribed for asthma. As the other behavioural issues you mention.

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