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Please give me some advice!

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LauLau93 Wed 09-Nov-16 11:21:25

I have posted a couple of times regarding my daughters sleep but it just seems to be problem after problem.
She was 8 wo yesterday, up until now she would only sleep on me in the day and she would have a good solid couple of hours, i could never put her down and she would fall asleep sometimes in her bouncer but for only 10 minutes. However, of a night she has always been pretty good in the fact she would go down in her moses basket, wake for feed and be back to sleep within about half an hour.
This last week she will go in her moses basket for about 20 minutes and then she wakes up again. She doesn't cry but we have tried leaving her to settle but no matter how tired she is she will not put herself back to sleep.
Now in the day, she is doing the same even on me. 20 minutes wide awake again.
It also took us 2 hours to get her back to sleep in the night last night and she has never been like that.
We swaddle her because she is all arms and legs, and use white noise. Any suggestions for the sudden fussing around sleep?

Thank you 😀

FATEdestiny Wed 09-Nov-16 13:23:44

Maybe the Moses basket is too small for her now and she needs more space.

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