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Night wakings and play

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hgmama Mon 07-Nov-16 05:16:38

My 8 month old wakes up a fair but at night, and when it's clear she's awake and there's not even a rubbing of an eye in her, I usually take her to the living room (where she has her toys and a play may set up) and just let her get her energy out! It's been something we've done since moving into our new house (mid sept) and it takes appx 1.5-2 hours for her to get sleepy, and then I'll feed her and she will go back down. Sometimes only for an hour or so sad

My question is, am I over stimulating her by taking her out her room when she's clearly not tired and very wide awake? I've tried reading, singing, talking to her but she screams till I pick her up or put her sitting down. I never have the tv on at this time.
Thanks xx

MamaLyon Mon 07-Nov-16 05:23:36

Not sure but we can relate in our house. 6 month old is normally asleep by 7pm but generally wakes up at 5am for a 45min-1hr play and then back to sleep until 7.30. We've done this for the last few weeks but seems to happen on and off, we last had to do it during her 3 month growth spurt. So you aren't alone.

BastardBernie Mon 07-Nov-16 05:30:24

I think that is wayyyy too much stimulation and kind of making a rod for your own back.
Not to worry though, It's never to late to change things if you want to.
I think you should pick up and gently rock/sway her in the bedroom, after 30 seconds or so you can tell how awake she is (I wouldn't give up at the first sign of resistance personally)
If not, take into a dark room downstairs and sit with her on your lap or in her favourite position. No/little light, no television etc. Maybe try her with a bit of water (or milk if having a growth spurt)
Cuddles and reassurance, then try and put back down.
If there's nothing to wake up for she will soon tire smile

Gillian1980 Mon 07-Nov-16 10:11:30

Yeah I think it's a lot of stimulation and she'll get used to it.

If dd wakes in the night and doesn't cry and leave her in her cot to play. She'll chat to her toys and move about then eventually go back to sleep.

If she cries and needs me, I'll go in and keep it dark. Check for pain, nappy and hunger cues. Then if she needs cuddles I'll stay and cuddle but no talking, eye contact or playing and it stays dark. Just cuddles, a kiss and the odd sshhh to soothe her.

I just have to try not to nod off while we're having a cuddle.

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