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madelynmum Sun 06-Nov-16 23:55:35

Ok so I have no idea what I'm doing confused but I'm desperate for some advice!
I have a 6,4, and 15 month old.
My 15 month old is why I'm here. She is breast fed, but she will wake every 30 minutes for a feed, every night in exhausted! She will scream and hurt her self if left in the cot, she also arches her back and gets trapped wind. We have tried gaviscon which didn't help she has to be put in her cot asleep and won't self soothe at all.
On top of this she will only eat cheese crisps and chocolate. She will eat other things but it will be a very small mouth ful then chucked on the floor. Things she use to love she will no longer eat like her porridge and yoghurts. Her poops are some times mucassy and they are all very light and kinda yellowy. I don't know if it's all related??
She is developing really well she is very social says a few words, waves blows kisses . (My other 2 children have autism). But this feels different as even with her food she doesn't mind eating it she just doesn't seem hungry). She also has only ever napped for like 30 minutes in the day max. She screams as soon as she wakes up and arches her Back.
I have been to the doctors but just had "my three year old wakes up too at night" but this is really extreme.

FATEdestiny Mon 07-Nov-16 22:31:54

With regards to get food, you really need the advice of a health care professional. Vpukd you speak to your health visitor?

Baby is probably lavking nourishment from the very restricted diet and this will be contributing to her need for very frequent breastfeeds.

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