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Please come and tell me there is hope!

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CountryGirl09 Sun 06-Nov-16 13:27:36

DD is 13 months and EBF. I don't want to sleep train or leave her to cry so I'm waiting it out...

She started sleeping really well around her birthday, down to one wake up, easy to settle and happy to go down awake. Since then it's totally gone to pot and she can wake up every hour some nights. She's had a cold and jabs and I know there are growth and developmental spurts but I was hoping it'd settle back down soon.

I'm not looking for solutions really- I've tried some ideas from the No Cry Solution- I'm just after someone to tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel! Even if it's not soon, she will sleep through won't she? I don't expect her to not wake up at all but would like it to be a bit less than now!

Please come and reassure me she'll get there!

Gardencentregroupie Sun 06-Nov-16 13:29:49

My DD was the worst sleeper in the known universe, then at 2.2 she suddenly started sleeping. Now she goes 11 hours in her cot without a peep more nights than not. This was a child who woke every hour at the age of 2.

FATEdestiny Sun 06-Nov-16 16:18:48

Is she in your bed? Because hourly wake ups are not healthy for either you or your child. So doing all you can to make nights as restful as possible will be important for your sleep and hers. Cosleeping is often the simplest way to ensure this.

CobsAhoy Sun 06-Nov-16 18:50:42

Ahhhhh your situation sounds similar to mine, Ive been having a run of shit sleep with 13month old DD, last night she was stiring hourly and rooting around for my boob, we cosleep so it's easy to stop her properly waking but it's still exhausting.

However, today she took her first steps, used a fork properly for the first time, and said 'daddy' (in the correct context for the first time rather than just randomly babling), so I'm guessing it's developmental stuff keeping their little brains buzzing all night....

Nottalotta Sun 06-Nov-16 18:56:31

Ds is 15 months and was down to one wake up. We have always Co slept but we'd got to him going to sleep in his cot, wake up 2-3am, bf in bed then me transferring him back into his cot. Fab. Then as you describe it all went to shit. Terrible teething, cold, jabs etc.

I can tentatively say it's improving. He goes to sleep very easily at bedtime (we did very very gradual withdrawal) and is waking once or twice a night. He's back in my bed after the waking though as I can no longer transfer him as the cot is down onto its lowest setting.
Next comes the night weaning......

thescarftwins Sun 06-Nov-16 18:57:09

I could have written this four months ago - all the same - then suddenly a magic moment happened and my DS decided to sleep. People told me it wouldn't be forever, and it now seems like it was a lifetime away (amazing how quickly you repress the sleep deprivation).

He honestly took it upon himself and now naps 12-2, bed by 7 and up around 6:30. My DS pretty much settled into a routine within a few months, then was sleeping through by 4/5 months old. I (foolishly) thought it was all down to my amazing skills hmm - turns out they really are all totally different!

It also literally happened over a night, just one day we woke up and was the first we'd heard of him all night, and aside from a few coughs/colds/teething it's been this way.

CountryGirl09 Sun 06-Nov-16 19:44:40

Thanks everyone, I just wanted some reassurance that they do eventually get it!

We co-slept for the first few months but she's been happily in her big cot in her own room since she was six months so I'm reluctant to bring her back into my bed now. Partly because I don't want her to get out of the habit of sleeping in her own cot and partly because she just mucks about when she comes into our bed now.

As I said, I'm not after solutions really, we're coping with it okay I just wanted some hope to cling to! smile

teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 07-Nov-16 18:53:45

Similar to scarf.

Started putting BF DD in a single bed in her own room at 17 months (previously co-slept), did a little bit of gentle night weaning at 18 months (DH going in to settle between 10 and 5) and now she's fallen into her own pattern, sleeping through the night and longer for naps.

They definitely all get there in their own time. Just when you think you really can't do it anymore!

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